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Converting MIDI or MusicXML to OMN

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I'm a new user and wondering if there is a recommended method to input and convert a score to OpusModus.


I have a score I've written in 4 parts each part represented in its own file in both MusicXML and MIDI. My goal is to import (either the MIDI or MusicXML) and convert these to OMN so that I can modify them using functions.


I have been able to import them but I'm having difficulty converting them to OMN and I haven't been able to find this specific use case in any of the documentation.


Any best practice or advice is appreciated.




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Hi Tom,


you can import your file as Midi with the function Midi to score in the File Menu.


But for a good importation, your midi need to be very "clean".


I generaly obtain very good result from midi conversion to OMN but i prepare carefuly my tracks in logic with no overlap of notes, perfect quantization etc....


Once you midi tracks are clean, import and convert to OMN works very well.


I suppose if your tracks come from a score editor, normally the importation into Opusmodus from Midi could be ok.




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Hi Stephen,


Thank you for your response. I have one question - where in the interface would I find the action to convert to OMN? I've selected the file and right-clicked but did not see the option in the menu. 


Thank you,



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I'll try to do a first proof of concept 🙂 Will start working on it this week to get a first impression of how complex this might be.


Will keep you informed.


Feel free to follow any progress: 


Converts Midi XML to OMN (OpusModus Notation). Contribute to willemdijkgraaf/MidiXmlToOMN development by creating an account on GitHub.


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