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  1. Nice Tool, thank you, for your hint, Julio! Best Stefan
  2. Thank you for the link, will check your ideas! best wishes Stefan
  3. Hi André, thank you very much for your help, your codes are working very good and it is exactly what I was looking for... ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;; example.... correct? ;; Yes ;(gen-resultant (primes-to 19) (reverse (primes-to 19))) ;; ================= ;;;exactly what I was looking for, thanks alot!!! (progn (defun gen-resultant (r1 r2 &key (rhy 1/4)) (gen-length (difference (remove-duplicates (sort-asc (flatten (append (cons 0 (gen-accumulate r1)) (cons 0 (gen-accumulate r2))))))) rhy)) (setf r1a (primes-to 19)) (setf r2a (reverse (primes-to 19))) ;; Resultant from r1a r2a (setf rr (gen-resultant r1a r2a :rhy 1/16)) (setf r1b (gen-length r1a '16)) (setf r2b (gen-length r2a '16)) (ps 'gm :rhy (list r1b) :rhy (list r2b) :rhy (list rr) :time-signature '(4 4 1) ) ....as long as there are no rests involved, rests are interpreted as attacks: (progn (defun gen-resultant* (r &key (rhy 1/4)) (gen-length (difference (remove-duplicates (sort-asc (flatten (loop for i in r append (cons 0 (gen-accumulate i))))))) rhy)) (setf r1c (gen-length '(16) '4)) (setf r2c (gen-length '(9) '4)) (setf r3c (gen-length '((3 1 4)) '4)) (setf r4c (gen-length '(7) '4)) ;; Resultant from r1c r2c r3c r4c (setf rrc (gen-resultant* '((16) (9) (3 1 4) (7)))) (ps 'gm :rhy (list r1c) :rhy (list r2c) :rhy (list r3c) :rhy (list r4c) :rhy (list rrc) :time-signature '(4 4 1) ) ) ... or: (progn (defun gen-resultant** (r) (difference (remove-duplicates (sort-asc (flatten (loop for i in r append (cons 0 (gen-accumulate i)))))))) (setf rha '(2/4 1/4 3/4)) (setf rhb '(1/16 3/16 2/12 1/12)) (setf rhc '(3/4 3/20 2/20)) (setf rr2 (gen-resultant** (list rha rhb rhc))) (ps 'gm :rhy (list rha) :rhy (list rhb) :rhy (list rhc) :rhy (list rr2) :time-signature '(4 4 1) ) ) Thank you very much! best Stefan
  4. I am searching for a function in Opusmodus, witch makes it possible to add the attacks of two (more) rhythms, does anybody have a solution for this? Short example: (setf pr (primes-to 7)) (setf r1 (gen-length pr '4)) (setf r2 (gen-retrograde (gen-length pr '4))) ; function like:: ; (gen-resultants r1 r2) (see Score example) best Stefan
  5. Like this it works, there is perhaps a better way?! best Stefan ; Darstellung der Obertonreihe in Hertz (Setf harm1 (harmonics 'c2 64 :type :hertz)) ; in Notation mit 8tel-Tönen (hertz-to-pitch harm1 :quantize 1/8)
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