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merge several rhythms into one

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Hi all,

is there a function/ method to merge several rhythms into one which is displaying all the onsets of these rhythms.

Here the first two systems are merged into the third.

Thanks for help.




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There is a merge-voices function.

(setf r1 '(q e e 3q 3q 3q -e. s))
(setf r2 '(e e e. s -e e s -s s -s))
(setf r3 (merge-voices r1 r2))
=> '(z^q c4 e e z^e e^e. s^e s 3q 3e^3q 3e^e 3q s - c4 c4)

(omn :length r3)


The output looks different from what you expect.  The z^ is not really documented in the omn-language-description but has to do with the :duration in make-omn. You see it in the merge-voices doc. Merge-voices is for omn-lists. It will add a c4 as default if only length are in the list.



(omn :length r3)


you get this: 

(0 1/8 1/8 0 1/8 1/16 1/16 1/12 1/24 1/24 1/12 1/16 -1/16 1/16 1/16)


What the 0 means I don't know.


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Hi born,


AM from this Forum wrote the following function:


(under the topic Rhythmic Resultants)


(defun gen-resultant** (r)
  (difference (remove-duplicates 
               (sort-asc (flatten (loop for i in r
                                    append (cons 0 (gen-accumulate i))))))))

(setf rha '(1/4 1/8 1/8 1/12 1/12 1/12 -3/16 1/16))
(setf rhb '(1/8 1/8 3/16 1/16 -1/8 1/8 1/16 -1/16 1/16 -1/16))

(setf rr2 (gen-resultant** (list rha rhb)))

(ps 'gm
    :rhy (list  rha)
    :rhy (list  rhb)
    :rhy (list rr2)
    :time-signature '(4 4 1)


When putting your 2 rhythms into the function, the last beat is not correct, I don´t know why,

perhaps this helps to find a solution for rhythmic resultants (Schillinger u.a.) in OM, what would be very to have I think.


best wishes



Bildschirmfoto 2023-05-18 um 16.25.53.png

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The new function UNIFY-RHYTHMS will solve your problem - 3.0.28916



(setf l1 '(q e e 3q 3q 3q -e. s))
(setf l2 '(e e e. s -e e s -s s -s))


(list l1 l2) ; select and press cmd-2



(unify-rhythms l1 l2)



(setf r1 (rhythm-series 6 5 3/8 :length '(q. e. e s 3q)))
(setf r2 (rhythm-series 6 4 1/2 :length '(q. e. e s 3q)))
(setf r3 (rhythm-series 6 3 1/2 :length '(q. e. e s 3q)))


(list r1 r2 r3) ; select and press cmd-2




Now we merge all three voices to form a single entity:


(unify-rhythms r1 r2 r3)






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