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  1. Is it possible to span the pedal notation over several measures with notes and rests? Thanks for help. Achim ... and how do I have to set the controllers in the def-score accordingly? Best, Achim
  2. Hi, is there a function for distributing one voice successively into a defined number of voices as described in my attachment? Best, Achim
  3. Hi everybody, how can I extract specific measures from voices in a score and merge them to a new voice. Thanks for help. Achim
  4. In my understanding it should be exactly as notated, not interpreted.
  5. I actually would like to HAVE them exported - not to get rid of them ...
  6. Merci. I will have a look at it. Achim
  7. Hi, pitches are only displayed as sharps, bug? (ps 'gm :bass (list '((w e1 f1 gb1 e1 f1 gb1 ab1 b1))) :time-signature '(4 4)) Achim
  8. Hi, it seems that the automatically created clefs e.g. from ps are not exported with music-xml. When I open these files in Sibelius the clefs are gone. Any suggestions how to solve or work around this? Achim
  9. Hi, how could I automatically split chords for a further piano notation? Achim
  10. Hi, is there a print function for the midi display? At the moment I am using "zoom to fit" in fullscreen mode and then make a screenshot but this is a little cumbersome ... Achim
  11. Hi, is it possible to set a voice of staff to a specific colour in the midi display? Achim
  12. Is it possible to use display-midi in combination with? Achim
  13. It's actually (setf motifx12 (rnd-order (gen-repeat 12 (list motif)) :seed 3)) Achim
  14. Hello Torsten,I tried to install your CL version of cluster-engine from https://github.com/tanders/cluster-engine) to ~/Opusmodus/Extensions/When opening the program I get a lot of compiler warnings (see file attached).Can you give me a hint how to fix this?Many thanks in advance.Achim listener-output.txt
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