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Apple M1 Arm processor?

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Hello forum,

I have updated my MacBook Pro 2011 to a new Mac mini with M1 (2020) Arm processor running macOS Big Sur 11.1.

I haven't found any info on Apple M1 searching the forum (so sorry if it has been addressed) but.. will OpusModus support this? I have OpusModus 2.1.3 version that will open in Rosetta 2, but it crashes all the time when evaluating a score. Playing the midi samples from QuickStart works fine it seems.


All the best Snorre (totall newbie and first post)


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I am in the same situation as Olo, I have just invested in a MacBook Pro 13 M1 and big disappointment Opusmodus does not run on this MBP. What causes me problem, some musician friends wanted me to show them how we worked with OPMO.
Concretely, with the MBP M1 the menu window opens, you can create a workspace file but once created it is not displayed. Likewise, when you select "Opusmodus" / "Register" in the menu, no window is displayed.

Note: Open Music 6.19 works fine.


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I share the frustration with my new Mac mini. Crashing all the time. Even when it didn't crash the processing time also seemed longer than reasonable. And it's not just OpusModus. I guess the takeaway is don't upgrade to M1 yet. It is too different and no matter how great the chip itself is, with everything else still ruled by the Intel it's just too hard to work with. 


But still, this has to be solved, please. 

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On 8/26/2021 at 4:53 PM, opmo said:

CCL is not ready for M1, hopefully soon.


When reading through the CCL issues log, there is this wee gem dated 10 Feb 2021:



CCL expects floating point exceptions to be raised when appropriate to properly implement Lisp's arithmetic functions. Rosetta does not raise floating point exceptions. While you might think this would only affect floating point operations in Lisp, it in fact also affects rational arithmetic and, possibly, bignums. (If you run the ANSI test suite, you get a large number of failures in its arithmetic tests.)

We've reported this issue to Apple but, so far, there's been no response.


I suspect those of us who jumped to an M1 are in for a long wait. I don't suppose there is a Plan B, is there (besides having a second, Intel-based, machine)?


(reference CCL issue 356)

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I don't know if this information will be helpful for those who are also trapped with M1 or for future debugging, but I found a rather consistent pattern of crashing and potentially a way to avoid it:


Opusmodus on M1 always crash during threading. 

So be patient. Wait until the interpreter finishes its job and then execute the next block of code. This also applies to any manipulations on the GUI, like saving files, function search, etc.


I know it sucks. But to make it suck less..


A side note. Earlier this year I helped upgrading a bunch of Python apps for M1, which also had issues of intermittent crash and it turned out the problem was also with threads. In that case the issue was solved when some problematic lines of code were removed (calling certain parent class methods during threading).

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