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  1. Hi. I've had to reinstall OM on a new old machine after the new one died unexpectedly. I downloaded the latest version and installed it. At the Activation screen I enter my key and hit activate and it fails with In FORMAT: Missing argument: "Error when checking license: In FORMAT: Missing argument: \"License ~s got error: ~s\" ^" ^ This was previously okay but now not so much. .. mark. opusmodus-bug-form
  2. I am pissed because I paid 100s of euro to a developer for software that is no longer fit for purpose, and hasn't been for over two years. The only communications about this have been "Not my fault" (blaming CCL) and "Please wait." If this were a dude in his mother's basement with a Patreon account, fine, but for someone who has a commercial enterprise charging serious money for a product it is unacceptable. In your world you may consider this "entitled people badgering," however I do not. There is an expectation of customer service in this industry (software development) and being lied to "release in Oct 2022" then given the silent treatment is neither professional nor respectful. Surely our payment has entitled us to a little of both?
  3. Now late November and we continue to get crickets (seriously guys a screen-grab is not "a release"). Do you as an orginisation care about the lesser members of this community? If I get to judge by actions rather than words, the clear answer to that is a resounding "No!" So how about, as a gift to us waiting here in user-space and really wanting to use your product again, you tell us what is really going on...
  4. There is an on-going irony here: in order to run OM on a current M1/2 mac we have to install VM software, the 10+Gb of reduncant old security-poor OS, then the mac-only OM application. How about this? A version of OM that runs on hardware that is now 2 years old? What a great idea! I really do wonder how it is going. We have been treated to a screen shot and told it will be "a substantial upgrade," promised Oct, and now left in the dark (pretty much as most of us have been all along). We have no answers to direct and specific questions, no details, no pricing (but I'm sure that upgrade is going to cost us dearly), and basically treated like sheep waiting to be fleeced (an Australianism but I'm sure you get it). Customer service? Not so much it would seem yet I'd love to be proven wrong...
  5. Okay. Nice. I'm assuming this is a prettied-up port of Common Music Notation? But we still have no details. Is the current user community going to be brought into this major upgrade, or simply be treated as sheep to be fleeced? You said "Oct 2022" and have missed that deadline. Care to share the next "release date?" If you sense some frustration then you are not wrong. Support for the M1 has been a long time coming and OM have been nothing but opaque about how that issue will be resolved. We are clearly getting closer, yet we are none clearer
  6. After lots of experience of software delivery as well, I also have concerns about the way they are going through this rebase. Certainly there has been no public discussion beyond this thread that I can tell, so I suspect we will get, at best, a beta release, likely alpha. Of course one of the benefits of using CL is that the code base should be pretty portable, apart from the UI. There may be some custom CCL tweaks but LispWorks is a very fine platform and I expect good things. My big concern is business-side. My fear is that we will have to pay for the "upgrade," act as beta-testers, then continue to pay as OM fixes the bugs. I hope not. I hope the devs realise that the rebase gives them a whole new market--Windows users--for them to tap and that showing some love to their loyal customer base might be a great gesture. Guess we'll find out eventually...
  7. Can we expect a Big Announcement in the next few days? Plus any thoughts on pricing would also be welcome
  8. Now mid-Oct, at least down here in Oz. LW has patched to 12.6 so that is good to go. Any word when a beta of 3.0 will be released?
  9. FWIW: Today issues have been reported to the Lispworks mailing list of issues with LW8 running on MacOS 12.6. I hope this version of the OS is included as a testsuite with the OM code
  10. "All to plan." In the interest of those of us who have been waiting on this for quite some time now, would you care to elucidate and expand on this? Will there be a beta period, for example? Will we have to pay for another license or is this a freebie for existing customers? Is there an actual release date you are working towards? That kind of thing...
  11. I have to admit to being rather disappointed by this thread. Given the price of this software I would have expected more concern from the developers to the comments here. OM is, and always has been (?), a product tied to the Apple platform and I would have expected a touch more responsiveness to a major system change like the Apple Silicon move. I also suspect that we, the current users who can no longer use the OM software, will be required to "upgrade" to the new platform. This will clearly be a wait-and-see don't-hold-your-breath situation where we remain in the dark until an announcement is made. Not the best way, in my experience, of keeping a customer base positively engaged
  12. When reading through the CCL issues log, there is this wee gem dated 10 Feb 2021: I suspect those of us who jumped to an M1 are in for a long wait. I don't suppose there is a Plan B, is there (besides having a second, Intel-based, machine)? (reference CCL issue 356)
  13. So, I downloaded the latest 10.9-10.14 image of 2.2, made sure my security settings are correct, right-clicked and this time I get an "Open" option, and it all installs as expected. I'm not quite sure what was going on there but I'm up and going on the new version, so all is good. Thanks!
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