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  1. I have to admit to being rather disappointed by this thread. Given the price of this software I would have expected more concern from the developers to the comments here. OM is, and always has been (?), a product tied to the Apple platform and I would have expected a touch more responsiveness to a major system change like the Apple Silicon move. I also suspect that we, the current users who can no longer use the OM software, will be required to "upgrade" to the new platform. This will clearly be a wait-and-see don't-hold-your-breath situation where we remain in the dark until an announcement is made. Not the best way, in my experience, of keeping a customer base positively engaged
  2. When reading through the CCL issues log, there is this wee gem dated 10 Feb 2021: I suspect those of us who jumped to an M1 are in for a long wait. I don't suppose there is a Plan B, is there (besides having a second, Intel-based, machine)? (reference CCL issue 356)
  3. So, I downloaded the latest 10.9-10.14 image of 2.2, made sure my security settings are correct, right-clicked and this time I get an "Open" option, and it all installs as expected. I'm not quite sure what was going on there but I'm up and going on the new version, so all is good. Thanks!
  4. Hi, Stephane. Same result, unfortunately... ..m.
  5. Hi. I downloaded fresh from the website the 2.2 update and attempted to install. It failed the "malicious software" check and exits. Not so good. Any thoughts/solutions? This is on Mojave (10.14.6) where 2.1 installs fine. TIA ..mark.
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