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Problems with MIDI Entry

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I have been trying the new MIDI Entry system. Data can be seen in Opusmodus as long as a key is pressed, but vanishes when key is released. Note values seem to stick, but not note names, attributes or volumes.


My keyboard is M-Audio Keystation 88 Pro. In MIDI Monitor I can see that this keyboard does not send note off messages, but instead note on with zero value when key is released. I guess that this is normal behaviour in any keyboard. Anyway, this second note on wipes off the data that came in with the first note on.


I appreciate any suggestions that might help!


Best wishes,



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Must be something to do with your M-Audio Keystation 88 Pro setup or the modulation wheel is no Off after any modulation entry.

What ever the problem is, it is not related to MIDI Entry system.

My keyboard is Roland A-49 with one wheel for modulation (vertical) and pitch bend (horizontal), after the release of the wheel the mod and pitch-bend automatically is set to Off.

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Hello all  - I have the same problem with an M-Audio Prokeys88.  First saw it with a notation program a couple of years ago and seem to remember solving it by resetting factory defaults on the M-Audio.  Now factory reset does not help either.  I also see Henry T's description of midi monitor zero value notes instead of note offs.


Am now using a 3-octave Korg MicroKey with pitch-bend and mod wheels and everything works beautifully with Opusmodus.  Midi Monitor in Logic is showing  a normal Note Off (with strikethrough on the notes), so this has to be an M-Audio problem.  If anyone solves it please let me know.


Interestingly though,  if I switch from using the buggy input from the m-Audio controller  directly to using the Korg input in the middle of a list,  OM will no longer insert spaces between the notes and starts writing long chords and I have to start a new file to reset.  So  M-Audio input seems to be leaving a trace somewhere in the OM software...


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9 hours ago, Stephane Boussuge said:

I have also an M-audio Keyboard but i use it without pedal. It works perfectly here.

May be you could try to unplug your pedal then restart Opusmodus and try to see if it works.



Hi Stéphane.  Thanks for this - actually I did unplug my pedal at one point and it did not help in my case.   However Janusz seems to have solved the problem with update 25898.  I have tested this on my Prokeys88 with all the midi input options and it all checks out fine - Peter



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