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  1. Requiem for Nigel

    Really very sorry to hear about Nigel's death. All my condolences to his family and friends. Didier
  2. tutorial guide

    Thank you Janusz, nice tutoriel. Best regards. Didier
  3. Modulo 12 Function ?

    Dear Julio, Yes, it's modus. I like work with integer and the Set Theory. Best. Didier (pcs-analysis (integer-to-pitch (modus (pitch-to-integer '(fs5g6c8 fs4g4c4)))))
  4. Automatic Cross Staff Piano Layout

    Many thanks for exemples. It's very interesting.
  5. Hello, Following the 2017 Pianoteq contest, I was surprised to be ranked 4th in the contest and get a special prize with this little piece written with Opusmodus. Didier http://www.forum-pianoteq.com/viewtopic.php?id=5373
  6. MittWoch

    Vienne est très inspirante comme ville. J'y suis allé par deux fois lors de deux voyages en Europe et Turquie (Istanbul-Izmir). Didier
  7. The single orange was the only light

    Une belle pièce. J'aime beaucoup. Didier
  8. Work in Progress Strings quartet 1st Movement

    I like it. Quelle superbe introduction. J'apprécie beaucoup le développement qui suit... Superbe. Didier
  9. DADA Quartet

    Dear Janusz, Here is a first result from a series of pitches based on "Mi Myxolydien" (a mix with the notes of Amazing Grace version Judy Collins and Third Stone from the Sun by Jimi Hendrix) insert in Def-Library. I recorded the IAC tracks in Ableton Live in the arrangement window and since I do not have an interesting jazz saxophone, I split the tracks and the piano so I could get some changes to the timbres. Besides the bass, the piano and the drums, I used three sessions of Softube modular synthesizer, Modular, including one with the Buchla 259e module (the somewhat space-like sound and which sometimes emphasizes the piano) and two instruments of the Korg Gadget suite for Mac, the Arp Odyssey emulation and the Wave Station emulation in a synthetic brass sound). Didier
  10. DADA Quartet

    Thanks Janusz for the script. It is impressive. I am studying it and I allowed myself to test it with "personal library" (rows 12 tones, blues) with change of tempo and instruments like I do not have VSL. And it's very interesting in terms of the result. In particular, I used Pianoteq and Ircam Solo Instruments piano as well as instances of Softube Modular, a modular virtual synthesizer, with their emulation of the Buchla 259e module. And that may recall some of Sun Ra's cosmic themes.
  11. Bonjour, Thank you for your nice comments. Didier
  12. DADA Quartet

    Excellent. I like it... Didier
  13. Hello, This is my participation at Pianoteq Video Contest 2017. The composition was written with Opusmodus and played in Ableton Live with seven instances of Pianoteq (modified TubularBells, modified ConcertArp recording, Steinway D Classical Recording A, modified Celesta, modified Cinbalom, modified original ChurchBells, Steinway D Classical Recording BA and completed with a Ircam Solo Instruments bank instance (flute, Horn, Cello) read via the UVI Workstation : and the list of videos in competition : http://www.forum-pianoteq.com/viewtopic.php?id=5301 Do not hesitate to tell me what you think. Didier PS : It is advisable to play the video in 1080p HD and listen to the headphone for panoramic movements.
  14. Deb76