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Found 3 results

  1. I'd like to know why I can't seem to process this list of chords using the pitch-variation function. Thank you! (setf chords '((h a2a3c4 c4a3a3) (h d4f3g2 f4g3d4) (h e4c4a3 c3a3e4) (h d3a3f4 w f4d4a3) (h e2e3g3 g3e4e4) (h a3f4e4 f2e3a3) (h e4g3b3 b3e3g2) (h a2d3fs2 w fs2a2e2) (h a2e3c4 c4a3e4) (h e4g3b3 b3e3g2) (h f2e3a3 a3f4e4) (h e4e4g3 w g3e3e2) (h d3a3f4 f4d4a3) (h e4c4a3 c3a3e4) (h b2a3d4 d4b3a3) (h a3a3c4 w c4a3a2))) (pitch-variation 0 1 7 chords :type '? :seed 23)
  2. Does anyone know if there's a function that outputs a number of beats from every measure in an omn sequence, given the denominator? For example with the eighth-note denominator, ((-e a3f4d5 q f4d5a5) (q a3e4c5 q e4c5a5) (-e a3g4e5 h g4e5a5)) would output (3, 4, 5). Thank you!
  3. I'm guessing this is a simple one but it has me stuck for almost an hour now. I have two different velocity vectors: (setf dynamic-rh (vector-to-velocity 0.55 0.62 (gen-white-noise 10 :seed 122) :type :midi)) (setf dynamic-lh (vector-to-velocity 0.33 0.41 (gen-white-noise 10 :seed 67) :type :midi)) Which I want to combine/merge and plot, I've tried all sorts of stuff like this: (velocity-list-plot '(dynamic-lh dynamics-rh) :point-radius 2) (velocity-list-plot '((dynamic-lh) (dynamics-rh)) :point-radius 2) (velocity-list-plot (list(dynamic-lh dynamics-rh)) :point-radius 2) It's probably quite obvious, but I couldn't write Lisp to save my life.. Thank you in advance!
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