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Opusmodus sometimes not talking to Ableton?

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Did anyone else of you sometimes have problem getting Opusmodus and Ableton Live talk to each other via an IAC bus (on a Mac)?


I confirmed that Ableton can receive MIDI notes from other sources on this bus, and that MIDI data from Opusmodus is received by other programs on this bus. Also, the MIDI track indicator shows that the program receives MIDI input from Opusmodus, and just in case in the MIDI track I made sure that all MIDI inputs and channels are received. I also created a new Live set to make sure I did not accidentally do some stupid setting anyway.


It worked earlier and strangely it works again after a restart, but I now ran multiple times into the situation that my Ableton tracks gets no notes from Opusmodus, so something seems to be fishy here. 


Anyone else ran into such problems? Any workaround perhaps?








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Some more testing and I now remember why I left Ableton Live for Reaper.

There is strange things going on. It works fine on one IAC bus not two at the same time.

Fishy is a good description.


Another strange thing with Ableton.

All my CC mappings that I route via Reaper to VSL Pro gets stuck somewhere so the dynamics and technics that works without any problem in Reaper, does not work in Live. At least not without fiddling around somewhere in Ableton.

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I also have this problem. My solution is to route the MIDI to a Max patch that has only two objects: [midiin] -> [midiout]. I set the midiin channel to "to Max 1" and the midiout channel to "from Max 1". Then, in Ableton, use "from Max 1" rather than IAC Bus, and I route MIDI from OpusModus to "to Max 1". I would imagine that this would work with PD as well, if you don't have Max, but I didn't test it.

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