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Interested in continuing Zoom into OM on own expenses?

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Hi all,


I would like to continue with the 'Zoom into OM' sessions and would like to ask if there are other people who are also interested and are willing to pay for it? If we get minimum 6 participants together and everybody is paying 10€ per session we can ask Stéphane to continue.

To have a little planning certainty, I thought about that everybody is paying 50€ so we can have a serie of 5 sessions (and then make a new collection/appointment)..

And I think we can have  sessions on topics that the participants are suggesting..

If that sounds convincing to you, please send me a PM with your name and emailadress and I will start to organise it..


Thanks and all the best!



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Hi Ole - my name is Peter Measroch from Electric Desert Music,  Edesert is my forum name, and I would be very happy to continue on this basis.  Hope you are successful in putting the group together.  My email is pmeasroch@mac.com and my phone number here in Montreal is +1 514 898-9972   


I think the 50 euros is a good way to go and I could send via email or PayPal.  Fingers crossed for more sessions with Stéphane!  


best wishes,



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Just want to ask one  more time if there are someone else interested in continuing with the Zoom into OM Sessions.

At the moment we are 3 People and the more Participants we become the cheaper it gets for everyone..

Please PM me in case, thanks!



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We are just finished a serie of 10 lessons. Maybe you could gather some other new participants and start a new serie, you could contact Stéphane Boussuge via PM and ask him if he is interested and what his conditions are..?





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