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I've been away from OM for a while, and now I am preparing some examples for teaching.

For some reason this simple example won't playback staccato properly (Snippet > Audition and Notation).

What am I missing here? The notation shows the staccato markings.

(make-omn :length (gen-repeat 20 'q)
          :pitch (integer-to-pitch '(0 2 5 7 10))
          :velocity '(mp)
          :attribute '(- - stacc)
          :span :length


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Thanks for the reply.

What I mean is that I don't hear the staccato playback effect at all.

Or any other accent attributes for that matter (marc, stacs etc.).

I'm on release 2.0.25787 on High Sierra using the built in sound library.

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Sorry, I must have misunderstood something fundamental about OM.

I just assumed that the "stacc" attribute was operating on the duration of the underlying midi note event (50% of notated value or similar) and that "marc" was adding an offset to the velocity value, as is the case in for example Sibelius.

What am I missing here?

Is it not possible to have staccato or accent playback using the default GM sounds?




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Ah, I see.

Yes, I seem to remeber that playback of basic articulations was possible "out-of-the-box" so to speak, without setting up a particular sound-set.

As I said, I've been away from OM for a while and have missed out on this discussion.


I really think that the attributes listed in "OMN The Language/4. Attributes/Accents.pdf" should have some impact on duration and/or velocity.

The documentation actually states that:

"Accents in OMN make dynamic changes both to the duration of a note-length and to the velocity value of that note."

As of now, the examples showcasing accents do not playback the basic articuations out-of-the-box.


I think that this is especially importat in relation to the concept of "The Composing Continuum":

Let's say that I use OM as a sketching tool for generating material, chances are that I won't use a different sound-set than the default GM sound.

In the case of accents it means that you are losing access to the important auditive feedback in 1 of the 4 parameters of OMN.


Also, for playback over an IAC bus I think that these basic articulations should be reflected in the underlying midi events.


Where can I read the discussion you mentioned?


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I didn't totally agree ,

I'm using OMN not for sketching but for composing and I'm driving VSL , not GM and I don't want dynamics change who will mess up my actual good midi output.

I agree for staccato who could be shorter for gm but I don't want dynamics changes for staccatos .



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1 hour ago, Stephane Boussuge said:

I agree for staccato who could be shorter for gm but I don't want dynamics changes for staccatos .


I don't want dynamic changes for staccato either, just a shorter note value (50% or similar).

But for marcato however, I think that a velocity change could be appropriate.


We all have different work flows, for me sketching is part of composing. 🙂

Maybe I'll have to learn how to setup my own sound-set eventually.


I just think that it is really intuitive to think of basic articulations in terms of note length (staccato) and velocity (marcato).

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Thanks Stéphane, I'll join the session tonight. 🙂


I don't really understand why the original values were changed, did they somehow interfere with key-switching in sample libraries?

Maybe a solution for different workflows could be a setting in the preferences:

"Articulations: Keyswitch / Original" or perhaps "Articulations: Sound-set / MIDI" (or something similar).

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