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Found 2 results

  1. I've been away from OM for a while, and now I am preparing some examples for teaching. For some reason this simple example won't playback staccato properly (Snippet > Audition and Notation). What am I missing here? The notation shows the staccato markings. (make-omn :length (gen-repeat 20 'q) :pitch (integer-to-pitch '(0 2 5 7 10)) :velocity '(mp) :attribute '(- - stacc) :span :length )
  2. Sometime ago, I was searching for a function that would be the exact opposite function of length-legato. Lenght-legato turns this: onto this: I wanted exactly the reverse: Changing this: to this: In the ocasion, Andre Meier came with this code below: Janusz, do you think a good idea to include a function like this in the library ? Or there is also something similar that I dont know ? I still need it in a easy way... Best, Julio (defun length-staccato (n alist) (let ((newlengths) (new-omn (omn-merge-ties (flatten alist))) (time-sign (get-time-signature alist))) (progn (setf newlengths (loop for i in (omn :length new-omn) when (> i 0) append (if (= n i) (list i) (list n (* -1 (abs (- i n))))) else collect i)) (if (omn-formp alist) (omn-to-time-signature (make-omn :length newlengths :pitch (omn :pitch new-omn) :velocity (omn :velocity new-omn) :articulation (omn :articulation new-omn)) time-sign) newlengths)))) (length-staccato 1/16 '(q -q q q)) (length-staccato 1/16 '(q e4 mp q tasto q -q q q)) (length-staccato 1/16 '((e. c4 eb4 fs4 a4 tie) (s a4 e. cs4 e4 g4 e bb4 tie) (e bb4 e. d4 f4 gs4 s b4)))
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