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Chord-Dictum Score

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I've shared a video here on CHORD-DICTUM function and you will find here the code from the video.

Enjoy !



The Score:


;;; SCORE 186
;;; Etude de la fonction "chord-dictum"
;;; WIEN - 27.01.2024
;;; To view the score press the Cmd-Option-1 keys.

(defun rea-mark (omn-exp)
  "Add rehearsal marks even on empty bars."
  (if (event-restp (nth-event 0 omn-exp))
      (position-insert 1 'reh omn-exp :section '(0))
    (edit-events '((1 1 'reh :articulation)) omn-exp)))


(setf seed  (rnd-round 1 1000000))
(init-seed seed)

(setf chords.p
      '(h. cs3fs3b3d4fs4bb4 q bb2eb3g3b3eb4gs4 h. cs3fs3b3d4fs4bb4 
        q fs3bb3d4f4bb4eb5 h b2c3eb3a3c4eb4gs4 q gs2cs3f3g3bb3eb4 
        h fs2bb2d3e3gs3cs4 q eb2gs2c3d3fs3bb3 h. c3eb3fs3b3d4fs4bb4c5
        q d3fs3bb3d4f4bb4f5 b2eb3fs3b3d4fs4bb4c5 g2bb2eb3g3b3cs4fs4a4
        e2gs2cs3e3g3bb3eb4f4 a2cs3fs3a3c4eb4gs4b4 f2bb2eb3g3bb3eb4f4
        h. c3eb3gs3c4e4fs4bb4d5 q a2fs3a3cs4fs4a4 d3fs3bb3d4f4bb4eb5f5
        h f3gs3cs4f4g4bb4eb5g5 f3gs3cs4f4g4bb4eb5g5 
        w f3gs3cs4f4g4bb4eb5g5))

(setf rvel (rnd-sample
            (length (omn :pitch chords.p))

(setf chords.d (omn-replace :velocity rvel chords.p))

   (:len w :chd 7 :div 7 :vel nil :att nil 
    :grp nil :int nil :var ? :mtd m :rhy t)
   #|2|# (:len w :chd 6 :div 2 :vel nil :att nil 
          :grp 2 :int nil :var ? :mtd nil :rhy t)
   #|3|# (:len w :chd 5 :div 5 :vel nil :att nil 
          :grp nil :int nil :var ? :mtd m :rhy t)
   #|4|# (:len w :chd 4 :div 4 :vel nil :att nil 
          :grp 3 :int nil :var ? :mtd nil :rhy t)
   #|5|# (:len h. :chd 7 :div 7 :vel nil :att nil 
          :grp nil :int nil :var ? :mtd m :rhy t)
   #|6|# (:len h. :chd 6 :div 3 :vel nil :att nil 
          :grp 3 :int nil :var ? :mtd nil :rhy t)
   #|7|# (:len h. :chd 5 :div 5 :vel nil :att nil 
          :grp nil :int nil :var ? :mtd m :rhy t)
   #|8|# (:len h. :chd 4 :div 4 :vel nil :att nil 
          :grp nil :int nil :var ? :mtd m :rhy t)
   #|9|# (:len h :chd 7 :div 2 :vel nil :att nil 
          :grp 2 :int nil :var ? :mtd nil :rhy t)
   #|10|# (:len h :chd 6 :div 6 :vel nil :att nil 
           :grp 3 :int nil :var ? :mtd nil :rhy t)
   #|11|# (:len h :chd 5 :div 3 :vel nil :att nil 
           :grp 2 :int nil :var ? :mtd nil :rhy t)
   #|12|# (:len h :chd 4 :div 4 :vel nil :att nil 
           :grp nil :int nil :var ? :mtd m :rhy t)
   #|13|# (:len q :chd 7 :div 4 :vel nil :att nil 
           :grp 2 :int nil :var ? :mtd nil :rhy t)
   #|14|# (:len q :chd 6 :div 6 :vel nil :att nil 
           :grp nil :int nil :var ? :mtd m :rhy t)
   #|15|# (:len q :chd 5 :div 2 :vel nil :att nil 
           :grp 2 :int nil :var ? :mtd nil :rhy t)
   #|16|# (:len q :chd 4 :div 4 :vel nil :att nil 
           :grp nil :int nil :var ? :mtd m :rhy t)

(setf dictum-temp
       (rnd-sample 8 '(w h. h q))                        ; Length map
       (rnd-number 8 4 8)                                ; Chord-size map
       (rnd-number 8 3 7)                                ; Length division
       nil                                               ; Velocity map
       nil                                               ; Attribute map
       (rnd-sample 8 '((3 4) (3 4) nil))                 ; Chord group
       (rnd-sample 8 '((0 13 1 11) nil (0 6 -6 11) nil)) ; Intervals
       '?                                                ; Variant
       (rnd-sample 8 '(m r nil))                         ; Methods
       (rnd-sample 8 '(nil t t nil))                     ; Rhythm series

(setf dictum2 (gen-chord-dictum (eval dictum-temp)))
(setf dictum3 (gen-chord-dictum (eval dictum-temp)))

(setf out1 (chord-dictum dictum1 chords.d))
(setf out2 (chord-dictum dictum2 chords.d))
(setf out3 (chord-dictum dictum3 chords.d))
(setf out4 (chord-dictum dictum1 chords.d))

(setf piano (assemble-seq chords.d out1 out2 out3 out4))
(setf split1 (ambitus-filter '(c4 c8) piano))
(setf split2 (ambitus-filter '(a0 b3) piano))

(setf piano-rh split1)
(setf piano-rh.rea (assemble-seq (loop for i in piano-rh 
                                       :collect (rea-mark (list i)))))
(setf piano-lh split2)

(setf titre (concatenate 
             "Score186-Variation-Piano-" (stringify seed) 


(def-score Score186
    (:title titre
     :subtitle "pour Piano"
     :composer "Stephane Boussuge"
     :copyright "Copyright © 2024"
     :key-signature 'chromatic
     :time-signature '((1 1 1 1) 4)
     :tempo 108
     :layout (piano-solo-layout 'piano-rh 'piano-lh))
   :omn piano-rh.rea
   ;:port "bus 6"
   :channel 1
   :sound 'gm
   :program 'acoustic-grand-piano
   :omn piano-lh
   ;:port "bus 6"
   :channel 1
(init-seed nil)



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