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Saving Plots and Piano Rolls to PDF Vectorial Graphics ETC

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Dear Friends,


I'm happy to announce that my doctoral dissertation in music composition will have many Opusmodus examples !


I'd like to know how the best way to export plots, and midi piano roll (assistants) 

for using as examples in Microsoft Word, PDF applications, vectorial graphic software (like Corel), etc

I was just snapshoting the screen with built in mac snapshot function (CMN + CTRL + SHIFT + 4) but wondering if

 there are some method for saving the output.




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This will save a PNG file in the Opusmodus/Graphs folder:


 length '(q e = s = = = -q e - = s = = -e.)
 pitch '(c4 cs5 d4 ds5 e4 f5 fs4 g5 gs4 a5 as4 b5))
(length-pitch-list-plot length pitch
 :file "length-pitch-plot.png")


As for the piano roll you will need to create a screenshot with cmd/shift/4.

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When I write a file to disk with the plot functions
(e.g. pitch-list-plot), and I print out that plot in DIN A4 Landscape size the resolution is poor. Is there a way to change the resolution/size of the .png that is written?



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The best way is to print the graph is to print directly form the graph panel.

Gen your graph then click on the graph panel and command print, this way you will get high resolution print.

Or save the file as pdf file (the default is .pdf):

 (vector-to-length 8 8 -8 (gen-white-noise 100))
 :file "vector-length")


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I am often finding my graphs too crowded (i.e long or dense segments) and so have to to manually  'stretch' them out in the 'Workspace' via the mousing of window size to available maximum...is there a way to reflect that in the PDF (in either method of saving) or re-format the 'save as PDF' for larger formats? I can't seem to either access or force larger 'paper size' or layout  (landscape) options to increase overall size of plot?


Also, perhaps in a future update/version...it would be nice to have separate/standalone window(s) for plots for 'two display' systems?? I have found the plotting so extremely useful for judging  various systems that a full, separate display space just for multiple plots would be very useful and much appreciated here :)


Thanks in advance

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