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Reaktor interface

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Dear SB,

Thanks. There are so many videos of yours, but in French. People like me who do not know French are at a disadvantage because we can't follow your nice videos. Hope you do something in English soon!


Coming to my question about Reaktor, I went through Controllers1 and Contrllers2 as per your suggestion. The following are the specific doubts from the example discussed:

1) For the :sound option, the value is given as "reaktor". Is this a predefined parameter? What other predefined options are available? How to use them?

2) The :port option has been commented in the example. Is this by oversight? On my system, the program talks to Reaktor only when the :port is set to 0 and not when it is commented. Please clarify. 

3) Coming to the :controllers option, I launched my Reaktor 6 and used the SteamPipe.ens as discussed in the example. Strangely, I could not identify most of the control numbers used in the program. I tried "OSC & MIDI Learn" option in Reaktor, and saw there were controllers with CC = 74, CC = 55, etc., but not for others. So how did you arrive at these Cc numbers for the SteamPipe? Did you assign your own numbers to the controls?

4) For CC = 55, the program generates random integers. On my Reaktor SteamPipe, this number is assigned to REVERB L/R control (bottom left) and the allowed values are 0 to 1. So how is it correct to send a value that is a whole number?

5) Last question: When you give a list of values for the controllers, at what interval does the value get sent to the controller?


Hope you can help me with these questions. The most difficult thing for me to learn OpusModus is not the syntax or the basic concepts, but these extra nice things that are not documented that well (for a beginner).




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Most all of my tutorials videos have english subtitles, only the conferences doesn't have.


About your questions:


1. for the :sound option, reaktor mean : "use the soundset named reaktor who is present in the library folder."

Please, look into the library , you will find the corresponding soundset file named Reaktor.lisp


2.Yes, the port need to be Uncommented indeed for the system be able to send to data to it.

in the example, it is commented but it is an error. 

 For driving Reaktor or any other plug, it need to be uncommented.


3.Indeed, something goes wrong with Reaktor 6, this file example was made on an earlier version...

now, if you look on the connection active on the steam pipe in Reaktor6, you will find only this controllers used:

5, 10, 18, 55,71, 74


here's another example based on the controller1 example but a little bit adapted:

(setf len 20)

(setf length
       (rnd-sample len
                    (gen-eval len '(rnd-sum 8 '(1 2 3)))
                    (gen-eval len '(rnd-sum 5 '(1 2 3)))
                    (gen-eval len '(rnd-sum 4 '(1 2 3)))
                    (gen-eval len '(rnd-sum 6 '(1 2 3)))) :seed 34)
       (rnd-sample len '(16 20 8 24) :seed 34)
       :repeat (rnd-sample len '(5 8 4 6 5 3 8 5 6))
       :rnd-order t))

(setf pitch
      (gen-chord 13 1 2 0 0
                  (rnd-sample len '(0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11))
                  (rnd-sample len '(o r4 i r ri))
                  '(0 8 11 10 2 1 4 3 7 6 9 5)
                  :type :pitch)))

(setf velocity (get-velocity (rnd-number len 30 90)))

(setf elec
       :length length
       :pitch pitch
       :velocity velocity
       :flat t))

(def-score reaktor
           (:key-signature 'chromatic
            :time-signature '((1 1 1 1) 8)
            :tempo 120
            :start 1 :end 16)
   :omn elec
   :port 0
   :channel 1
   :sound 'reaktor
   :program 8
   :pan '((:desc-asc 127 0 1/32 5) (:asc 34 127 1/32 5) (127 1) (0 1))
   :volume 127
   :controllers (5 '((4 1) (3 1/2) (65 1/2))
                 10 '((0 2) (80 1/2) (65 1/2))
                 18 '((:desc-asc 76 23 1/32 3)
                      (:asc 34 127 1/32 2) (127 1) (0 1))
                 55 (rnd-sample 100 '(23 45 12 89 94 2 57 21))
                 71 '((:desc-asc 127 0 1/32 3)
                      (:asc 34 127 1/32 5) (127 1) (0 1))
                 74 '((67 1) (7 1/2) (64 1/2))


4. Indeed, 55 goes to the reverb, but you need send normal midi values because it is controllers value because reaktor want it and it will rescale them accordingly .


 5. in that case, for list of controllers value, they are send one by event (note).


best wishes,




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Hi SB,

Thanks a lot. When I was waiting for your reply, I spent a few hours trying to understand this myself. In the process, I wrote up the details so that others can learn a little bit quicker. I have posted the details in my blog. Here it is: http://rangakrish.com/index.php/2016/01/08/how-to-use-reaktor-with-opusmodus/


Hope it is of use to others.




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