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Hanging notes in DAW when stopping LCI

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I am getting hanging notes in Logic and other DAWS or standalone Instruments when I stop LCI or enable random.

Looks like the application is not getting the needed note off. 

I tried to send "Tools->Midi->All Notes Off"  but that did not kill the hanging notes

Am I the only one having this problem?

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Thanks Stephane,

I did. But it looks like it is bypassing the sequencer . I cannot record the performance.  

I still look for a optimal setup. I tried with Ableton. Easy setup, but after while the IAC hangs. No events coming through. Have to restart the macbook.  No idea way.

I tried Reason. Easy setup but hanging notes ,too.

Tracktion can only record one midi track, not what I want. Bigwig the same.

I would prefer Logic. I will have to refresh my environment knowhow. Haven't touched it for quit a while.



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My workflow is composing in opusmodus when driving logic via IAC ports.

For the rendering , i import the opusmodus generated midifile into logic and do a normal bounce.

and Logic with Opusmodus works very well.

Let me know if you have some problems, i will do a video tutorial eventually for help.




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Thank you for your help Stephane. 

Sure, transferring midifiles will work. No tutorial needed.

I got rid of old devices in Audio-Midi-setup. Maybe that helps. 

I have a working setup now with Ableton. No hanging notes and recording per midi-channel possible.

I will do more research to find out, where the problems in Logic and Reason are coming from.


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Hi Rolf,

For my part i don't need to record midi directly in my DAW, because sync problems..

for me it is easier to drive all my instruments from opmo and import all the composition in Logic just for the final rendering.

But if you have a working workflow with Ableton, it is ok :)



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I installed midi loupe (midi monitor) on my macbook and started and stopped LCI.

12:37:13:165: IAC-Bus OPMO, c: 1,  Note off: 62, 0
12:37:13:167: IAC-Bus OPMO, c: 1,  Note on: 48, 14
12:37:13:169: IAC-Bus OPMO, c: 2,  Note off: 36, 0
12:37:13:171: IAC-Bus OPMO, c: 2,  Note on: 36, 34
12:37:13:173: IAC-Bus OPMO, c: 1,  Control message: 123, 0
12:37:13:175: IAC-Bus OPMO, c: 2,  Control message: 123, 0
12:37:13:177: IAC-Bus OPMO, c: 3,  Control message: 123, 0  



One can see that the last thing happening is a note on and then a bunch off cc#123 (all notes off).

There are a lot of reports that logic tracks are not accepting cc#123 for whatever reason. You have to bypass tracks, as Stephane does in his template.

Wouldn't it be possible to do a midiflush( like the MAX7 object). Any note-on gets collected and removed when there is a note-off for it and the midi-flush sends a note off for the leftover ones. Or just send  note-offs for all 128 notes on any active channel.

No cc#123 needed then. I found that not all instruments or DAWs accept cc#123 for some reason . That would make Opusmodus independent of this issue .

@Stephane: Ableton is good, but I like Logic for some of its instruments and features. 




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