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Cubase & OM on Mac: MIDI hanging notes problem

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I have serious issues in recording the OM generated MIDI via IAC port to Cubase.

I can reach the destination and clearly monitor the signal but Cubase records these signals not as seperate notes but rather collapses them together from t=0 to a meaningless giant chord. I already tried a lot of switches in Cubase settings and channel configs all in vain. Same IAC works when recorded on Bitwig.

Problem on MacOSMonterey with Cubase Pro 11 and 12.


Does someone in forum operate this configuration successfully?

Had anybody experienced same issue and solved it?

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Maybe this giant chord stuff can be a kind of internal midi loop feedback between output and input midi ports.

Check the I/O midi configuration in Cubase.

Alternatively, you can export MIDI and open in Cubase.

I use my libraries inside REAPER daw with using four different midi ports from Opusmodus with no problem at all.

I also configured each one of my instruments in a customized port/ midi channel from Opusmodus.


I send midi information from OSX to a windows machine via RTP midi (midi via wifi). In the windows machine there are my sounds and Reaper.

The OSX is only for Opusmodus. Actually the OSX is a virtual machine, it´s all on the same hardware PC.




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