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Looking for Repeating Function

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Dear friends,


I´m looking for a specific kind of repeating function.

In the example below, I have one d4 in the first violin. Then comes an a4, etc.


1) to have repetitions of the same note in the blank space (instead of pauses), but all have to be measured inside the exact space that is between the first and second note. Sometimes this spaces of rests are different among each pair of subsequent notes. The function must calculate the spaces among each pair of notes before making the repetitions

2) alternatively, this repetitions could be kind of irregular, leaving some spaces of pauses, like a density control.


Is there something similar to this function already in Opusmodus ?


Thank you !


Best !





For each voice, I use a expression like this:


(setf v1
 :length (span vuzapit vuzarit1)
 :pitch (ambitus 'violin vuzapit)
 :velocity dynhomo))


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THINKING OUT LOUD (some hours after)....


Actually, I'd like to have a function or a kind  of method that allow me to insert notes and rhythms between some "anchor points", that remains unaltered.

Like inserting ornaments in a choral chordal texture: you have a sequence of chords you don't want to alter, but you need melodic movement between this chords.

This is a procedure I usea lot: starting from block harmony and then fill the gaps between chords in a more polyphonic oriented texture.

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Thanks, Andre ! I will check the Lachenmann piece, for sure.


I was thinking in a possible algorithm for such function:


1) Take an OMN expression

2) Calculate the empty spaces (rest space)

3) Fill the spaces with notes, based on each gap, using a predefined quantization (1/16, 1/8, random, etc) and a filling density level (0-100 %,  of the space)

4) Fill the spaces with predefined pitch lists, motifs, rhythmmic sets, etc,  that can be trimmed, rotated and start on any note

5) Fill the spaces like mentioned before with some pitch quality control (tonality-map) and pitch melodic direction control (up, down, repeat, vector).

6) Fill the spaces like before with any predefined method







This would be really useful, IMHO.


All the best !


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