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Function: expand-chord

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Sorry if I wasn't clear. Maybe this will be clearer:

I would like to generate a chord progression in C Major scale like this: I-vi-ii-V7-ii. Here the V chord is played as dominant 7th. How do I do this?


Next, I want to use the different elements of the chord library in OM to generate a chord progression. How do I do that?




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Thanks a lot! "chord-interval-add" comes closest to what I want. 


Stephane's suggestion would be ideal if we want all chords to be the same size. If we need chords of different sizes, "chord-interval-add" seems better suited.


Coming to a related point, I would love to take advantage of the huge collection of predefined chords in the OM library. For instance, something like the following might be useful (hope I don't sound silly):


(harmonic-progression '(maj7 add9 11 7s/9/b5) '(c4 major))


This allows me to get different chord types in harmonic progression on a given scale.


- Rangarajan

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