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Dear Friends,


In a previous post (link below) there is a great description on how to configure old vsl gig versions.


There is a place where you can configure the relation between the OMN articulation command with the correspondent keyswitch.




1) Let´s say I invent a new articulation in a custom sample library, for example "nail-scrape" for indicating the violin player to scrape the string with his/her nail. In this case, I need this OMN expression to: a) apear in the score notation and b) change the corresponding keyswitch.

2) In the case of the OMN expression "long",  I configured it to change to the crescendo/diminuendo long samples in VSL, but this does not appear in the notation. This is great, because I don´t need it to be specified in the notation, since the long note values are enough, I just need the keyswitch.


So there is the two scenarios:

1) CASE 1:  OMN change keyswitch AND appear on the score

1) CASE 1:  OMN change keyswitch AND DO NOT appear on the score


The articulation expression syntax is a kind of yellow/brown word in the OMN code. Only articulation related words appear as an assignable articulation for this kind of use.




How can I create my CUSTOM articulation OMN expression, like the "nail-scrape" example, so that this articulation can be customized also as appearing or not appearing in the score ?


This can be really useful for expanded techniques in special scores with special sample libraries or even with scores based on customized samples, or new instruments.


All the best !


Julio Herrlein


 :group omn
	stacc       (:key c1 :key c1  cc1 40)
	stacs       (:key c1 :key c1  cc1 25)
	ord         (:key eb1 cc1 5)
	portato      (:key cs1 cc1 5)
 	   sfz        (:key e1 :key e1  cc1 25)
	   cres       (:key f1 :key f1  cc1 25)
          marc        (:key e1	 cc1 64)
          spicc       (:key c1 cc1 120)
          leg         (:key d1 :key d1  cc1 40)
          tasto       (:key cs2 :key cs1 cc1 40)
          leg+tasto   (:key cs2 :key cs1 cc1 40)
          tasto+leg   (:key cs2 :key cs1 cc1 40)



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Thank you !


I went throughout docs, but it´s not clear enough to me.


I understand that using the function "add-text-attributes" I can specify a new OMN expression attached to the notation.

This is clear.

But, please, I need more explanation on how to use it as a keyswitch, and how are the settings to make this text attribute trigger the keyswitches of my VLS library, (or any other).

Please, can you provide some example ?

Do I have also change/edit  the Def-Sound_sets inside lisp files inside Def-Libraries (maybe the :omn section of these files, providing the new articulation information) ?


Thanks in advance.



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