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Found 1 result

  1. MORPH function will be part of the next release. (progn (setf chopin-28-4 (pitch-transpose 12 '(h gb2e3 g2b2e3 fs2a2e3 fs2a2eb3 f2a2eb3 q f2a2d3 f2gs2d3 h e2gs2d3 q e2g2d3 e2g2cs3 h e2g2c3 e2fs2c3 e2fs2c3 eb2fs2c3 d2fs2c3 d2fs2c3 d2f2c3 d2f2b2 q c2e2b2 c2e2a2 h c2e2a2 q b1e2a2 b1eb2a2 h c2e2a2 b1eb2a2 b1eb2a2 h b1eb2a2 -h g2b2e3 g2b2e3 fs2a2e3 f2a2eb3 f2gs2eb3 e2gs2d3 q e2g2d3 e2g2cs3 cs2e2bb2 c2e2a2 h a2c3fs3a3 q g2c3fs3 g2b2e3 a2c3e3 e2fs2c3 b1e2b2 c2e2a2 h b1e2b2 q eb2b2 b1eb2a2 h. c2g2bb2 q c2e2a2 b1e2a2 e2gs2 h b1e2g2 bb1c2g2 e2fs2b2e3 b1eb2fs2b2 e2g2b2))) (setf chopin-28-4-pitch (omn :pitch chopin-28-4)) (setf inv-num (gen-trim (length chopin-28-4-pitch) '(1))) (setf chopin-28-4i (chord-inversion inv-num chopin-28-4-pitch :variant '?)) (setf rh (pitch-transpose 12 (make-omn :length '(s) :pitch (melodize chopin-28-4i) :span :pitch))) (setf lh-length (mclist (get-span rh))) (setf lh (dechord (make-omn :length lh-length :pitch chopin-28-4i :velocity '(mp)) )) (setf rh-len (length rh)) (setf rh-morph (morph (rnd-number rh-len 0.2 0.5) rh)) (ps 'gm :p (list rh-morph lh) :tempo '((102 52) (:rit 102 34 1/64 4))) ) Best wishes, Janusz
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