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1st Opusmodus Convention - January 2021

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In these pandemic times that tend to isolate and divide us, we decided to organise an online convention that will bring us together and perhaps expand the world community of Opusmodus users, to put us into contact to exchange opinions and experiences.


Opusmodus is not just a software but a real "artistic work" it is a comprehensive computer-aided environment for the whole work of music composition a virtual space where a composer can develop ideas and experiments for projects large and small.


We hope that this first event will materialise into a splendid opportunity to meet and exchange know-how and ideas, to grow together and perhaps help the development of a system that has thousands and more possible strategies within the vast field of artistic expression. We want to publicly thank all the speakers who offered to talk about their experience in Opusmodus and made themselves available for this experiment which we sincerely hope will become a recurring event.


Convention Host: Luigi Agostini



Achim Bornhoeft

Fabio De Sanctis De Benedictis

Janusz Podrazik

Jean-Marc Chouvel

Jor van der Poel

Julio Herrlein

Marco Giommoni

Maurizio Gabrieli

Otto Laske

Stéphane Boussuge

Sylvio Relandini

Torsten Anders



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This is a great initiative! Thanks to Janusz & team.

Will the proceedings be recorded and made available to us for later viewing (for those who cannot attend live)? Also, I see that some talks on the second day will be in Italian. Will there be a translation for the benefit of those who do not understand Italian?


- Rangarajan

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In the e-mail I received at 21 December 2020 it was written 18:00 CET, here on Forums it is written at 7 PM. So at what time it begins?

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Dear Friends,


Here are my talk at the Opusmodus Conference. Sorry for the troubles with the Zoom today. Here is the video without any problem.

See you again !!

All the best ! Stay safe !




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