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  1. Thank you for your answer. I understand very well, what you write. Now it is the case that for a large part of contemporary (modern classical) composers (referring e.g. to Boulez or Nono) it is an important rule, that no octaves (and also the double octave etc. and depending to the context also no tonal triads) should occur in their compositions, regardless of whether this interval occurs at the same time (in sync) or not at the same time. For these composers it would be very helpful, if a composition aid program like opusmodus also could make this control function available. Do you think
  2. If I don't want to have octaves, what shall I do? If I evaluate that code, I still get an octave. (setf v1 '(h c5)) (setf v2 '(-q c4)) (polyphony '((12 11)) (list v1 v2) :index 'out) (ps 'gm :p (list out1 out2)) Thank you. René Wohlhauser
  3. In the e-mail I received at 21 December 2020 it was written 18:00 CET, here on Forums it is written at 7 PM. So at what time it begins?
  4. Rene


  5. Thank you very much, Stéphane, for your interesting sessions!
  6. Thank you very much, Stéphane, that was very helpful.
  7. Thank you very much, Stéphane, it was very interesting.
  8. Thank you very much, dear Stéphane, it was interesting.
  9. Thank you very much. You can make a proposition which is good for you.
  10. I clicked in the MusicXML Viewer to activate this window and pressed cmd+s to save it, but I only hear the "error-sound" of the computer. (Under File: "Save" and also "Save as …" are grey.)
  11. Thank you very much, dear Stéphane, for this very interesting session. I have a question: There are programs, which I can evaluate or put to the MusicXML Viewer and to the audition via Command-1 as snippets. And there are other programs, where this doesn't work and I have to go over Tools: Evaluate Score: Audition and Notation to see and hear the score. Why this difference? When the MusicXML Viewer and Audition was generated via Snippet, then I have no problem to export the xml via File: Export: Last Score to MusicXML … But when the MusicXML Viewer and Audition was generated via
  12. Thank you very much, dear Stéphane, that was very interesting.
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