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  3. Opusmodus 1.2.23126

    View File Opusmodus 1.2.23126 Change to MELODIZE-TO-LENGTH function. The functions now is working with omn sequence. Examples: (setf sequence '((e fs3c5 p s f4cs4) (s fs4cs4 p c5fs3eb4 a3c5as4 a4e4fs3))) (melodize-to-length 1/16 1/8 sequence) => ((e fs3 p s f4) (s fs4 p c5 a3 a4))  (melodize-to-length 's 's sequence) => ((e fs3c5 p s f4) (s fs4 p c5 a3 a4))  (melodize-to-length 's 's sequence :select 'e) => ((e fs3c5 p s cs4) (s cs4 p eb4 as4 fs3))  (melodize-to-length '(e s) '(e q) sequence) => ((e fs3 p s f4cs4) (s fs4 p c5 a3 a4))  (melodize-to-length '((e s)) '((e q)) sequence) => ((e fs3 p s f4cs4) (s fs4cs4 p c5 a3 a4e4fs3))  or ((e fs3 p s f4) (s fs4cs4 p c5fs3eb4 a3 a4e4fs3)) or ((e fs3 p s f4cs4) (s fs4 p c5 a3 a4)) ... (melodize-to-length '((e s)) '((e q)) sequence :select '? :seed 12) => ((e fs3 p s cs4) (s cs4 p c5 c5 a4e4fs3))  (melodize-to-length '((e s)) '((e q)) sequence :section 1 :seed 45) => ((e fs3c5 p s f4cs4) (s fs4 p c5fs3eb4 a3 a4e4fs3))  Submitter opmo Submitted 03/15/2018 Category Opusmodus Latest Release
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  5. Lenny Hoag

  6. VSL SE & SE Plus def-scores

    Thank you Jamil, I am sure many users will find the presets useful indeed.
  7. VSL SE & SE Plus def-scores

    Here is a practical working basis for use with VSL Special Edition & Special Edition Plus matrix : 4x2 (standard), 5x2 (contrabassoon+), 6x2 (bass clarinet+), 7x2 (strings & winds plus) & 11x3 (strings+). vsl_se_presets.opmo
  8. Playback of articulations

    Done. 1.2.23108
  9. Done. The legato (leg) attribute duration is extended with 1/256 value, this will produce tiny overlap. 1.2.23108 Janusz
  10. Changing MIDI channels with articulations

    Thank you very much. Any chance to make legato notes slightly longer at a later stage? Doing so would trigger, e.g., certain orchestral libraries (e.g., I am using LASS) to play the legato articulations, which it does not play with non-legato notes. Best, Torsten
  11. In 1.2.23106 I made few correction to the accents relative duration. Only stacc and stacs is a bit shorter now, all other accents will not change the midi duration. Janusz
  12. Quantization

    Very nice and interesting piece and video. Love it. Thank you Yuichi /Lasse
  13. Quantization

    Thank you Yuichi for sharing, great piece, I am very happy to see Opusmodus is able to help you realise your ideas.
  14. Quantization

    Wonderful and great video !! S.
  15. Quantization

    Hi people, Though I've been using Opusmodus for about 2 years now, and in great love with it, I haven't really had a chance to share my work on the community. But here I have my piano piece vastly written with Opusmodus, and guess what, it's got a cool video, too! Yamaha corporation kindly offered me to use their automated piano for filming, and I think an algorithmic music like this goes very well with it! Yuichi
  16. Playback of articulations

    Will see what I can do.
  17. Playback of articulations

    i agree totally :-) Actually, i always finish my scores in a DAW for such reason but with this new possibilities into Opusmodus, it would be no more necessary and i love the idea to stay in Opusmodus from start to end of the music process. SB.
  18. Playback of articulations

    It would be useful for playback, if certain articulations would affect the sounding note durations and velocity values. With some articulations this already seems to be the case (e.g., stacc seems to reduce note durations by 50%), while other articulations are ignored during playback in that regard (e.g., leg is notated, but makes seemingly no difference in playback -- notes played legato are not overlapping, as would be expected, nor are non-legato notes very slightly separated). Other articulations are seemingly even wrongly set (e.g., marc is an accent, but it instead shortens the note). Here is a little example demonstrating the problem, which results in the attached MIDI file. EDIT: The upload failed, but you can easily listening to this or export it to MIDI yourself. '((e c4 leg d4 e4 leg f4) (q g4 marc -q -h)) Can users somewhere set/correct these playback settings? BTW: Ideally settings would allow for code (functions) evaluationed on the fly. That would allow, e.g., to add custom humanisation, e.g., to slightly vary the length of staccato articuations, or the velocity values set by non-legato notes.... Thanks! Best, Torsten
  19. Changing MIDI channels with articulations

    It would also be useful, e.g., for combining sample instruments by different brands etc. where certain articulations are available in one plugin, and others in another. Best, Torsten
  20. Changing MIDI channels with articulations

    Me too !!! Thanks !
  21. We will add this, I love it too :-)
  22. Changing MIDI channels with articulations

    i would love a possibility to change midi channel from articulation :-) S
  23. Changing MIDI channels with articulations

    If that is currently not possible then I can simply write unconventionally for different organ divisions directly for now. There is also a workaround with Hauptwerk using its so-called floating division MIDI keyboards (not sure about GrandOrgue yet). No worrries :) Best, Torsten
  24. Interesting proposition. I am in a country for a few days, back in my studio next week.
  25. How is it possible to change the MIDI output channel of an instrument? For example, when writing for organ, you have two staffs for the right and left hand, but hands can change manuals, and this is best represented by different MIDI channels. Is there a way to define articulations that result in changing the MIDI channel? Thanks! Best, Torsten
  26. Nuit d'hiver For Woodwinds

    Thank you :-)
  27. Nuit d'hiver For Woodwinds

    Wonderful piece!
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