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Bug? Unable to load cl-collider because of problem with cl-patterns package

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I appear to be now unable to load cl-collider due to a problem with cl-patterns.


On starting OM, I get the following error message pop-up:


Error: While loading file Users/acr/Opusmodus/User Source/Extensions/Load CL-Collider.lisp

Package CL-PATTERNS not found


If I try to evaluate (load cl-collider) directly from the file I get the same error in the Listener initially, but then if I use the debugger to trace I get the following error:


Error: compile-file-error while compiling #<asdf/lisp-action:cl-source-file "cl-patterns" "backend">


I have previously managed to load cl-collider successfully and connect to SC Server without any problems -  so not sure why this is now happening? Advice and suggestions?


I am running most recent updated OM Version 3.0.29319 





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Update: after replacing the cl.collider.lisp file text and replacing it with the text below, I have now managed to open OM without the cl-collider error I was previously getting (no idea why this has done the trick)... However, now the server will not boot... SC in the Applications folder as it should be. Any ideas?


(in-package :om)




(in-package :sc)


(defparameter *my-server-options*
  (make-server-options :num-output-bus 32 :block-size 32))


(setf *s* (make-external-server "localhost" :port 4444 :server-options *my-server-options*))

(server-boot *s*)

(setf *synth-definition-mode* :load)

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