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Where can I find all the folders including the PDF-Files available in the Assistant on my MacBookPro ?

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Hi, I want to learn all the valuable information available in the Assistant PDF-files of Opusmodus. How can I export all these files to my iPad.

I just want to read and learn while traveling without the need to drag my Computer along.

A similar question has been asked in August 28 2018 already, but the requester does not seem to have received an answer: I was not able to get anything from https://opusmodus.com/forums/tutorials/: What did I wrong?


August 28, 2018 in 

You find the PDF document here:

on the right: "Download Tutorial Guide".


Thanks for any help! Daniel

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You can right click on Opusmodus program in Application folder and select "afficher le contenu du paquet" (if your system is in French...) and go to Ressources folder and English folder and finally you will find the system functions folder, see screen shot:



Capture d’écran 2024-04-29 à 19.22.19.png

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Hi Stéphane,

"Logically,  you can provide the files of the latest version 2, since you are the one who created it;-)"

Artificial intelligence won't translate as well as you... especially when it comes to understanding Opus Modus, believe me...;-)

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Yes, I just saw, thank you stéphane.

but Janusz could provide the same Zip folder for the latest version 2!;-)


for last version 3




for last version 2,"It's much less clear.


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I will keep your translation work in French preciously, especially if I switch to version 3! because currently there is no French translation planned!;-)

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