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laughing about what we lost / 우리가 잃어버린 것들에 대한 조소(嘲笑)

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I just completed working on a new piece for two 25-string Kayageums (Korean zither-like instrument somewhat similar to the Japanese Koto). All the composition was done within Opusmodus but the coding is a little messy. I hope in my next project to clean up the code a little.


During process of composition, I especially liked how Opusmodus can translate text material into different data. For this piece, I used two of the earliest examples of avant-garde poetry from Korea written by Yi Sang (1910 - 1937) that are included in his "Crow's Eye View" 15-poem series. I created the pitches through extrapolations from the texts and by setting the tonalities to the Nando-Kyemyonjo mode and one of the Tcherepnin Nine-Note Scale modes (both of which are in the Opusmodus modes library). The lengths of pitches and rests were partially extrapolated from the text and then developed subtly through use of the gen-length function.


Aside from the tonalities, I also must admit that the ambitus features made it easy to ensure that the notes I played were within the range of the instrument I am working with, which allowed me to play with the limits of the sounds (especially the low register notes). 


The sounds used in this recording is a midi realization using Madrona Lab's Kaivo plug-in running through Ableton Live 9.     

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