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Designing Generatives Orchestral Templates with Opusmodus

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Hi folks,


I've made a new tutorial. With that tutorial you will get not only lessons but also the full generative Opusmodus algorithms to generate your own orchestral music !


What sets this course apart is its focus on designing orchestral templates. Rather than simply scratching the surface of Opusmodus, we will delve deep into the process of constructing templates that serve as the foundation for your orchestral compositions. With a strong emphasis on generative techniques, you will learn how to breathe life into your music by harnessing the creative potential of Opusmodus.


Course Highlights:

1. Designing and using the orchestral template.

Learn to design and utilise orchestral templates in Opusmodus


2. Pattern based generative example.

Explore pattern-based generative examples


3. Orchestral pitch remapping.

Master orchestral pitch remapping


4. Instrumentation / Orchestration.

Dive into instrumentation and orchestration techniques


5. Assembling sections.

Learn how to assemble sections effectively


6. Section designer: Full algorithm.

Use the Section Designer to create a full orchestral piece section by section



Here's the link:





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This is such remarkable software.  I've only begun to scratch the surface of its capabilities, as time has allowed during the demo period.  It holds such promise in the generative sense, which is what I had been looking to explore, versus my current composing environment. I only hope that someday, I'll be able to afford the purchase of this incredible software.  In the interim, many thanks for all of the support that you provide for it, and my best wishes for your continued success.

James Anthony

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Hi David,


I am currently uploading the videos and performing the final checks, so the new course "5 Opusmodus Lessons" will be online in a few days. If you're referring to the course "Designing Generative Orchestral Templates with OM," it has been available online since this summer.






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