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Why I love OM - Part 1 - Orchestral sections generation

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On 5/13/2023 at 9:25 PM, Cliff said:

Dear @Stephane Boussuge, thx great workflow. Can I also programmatically store the last score as MIDI rather storing opmo files?. I guess this would be great for DAW based music generation workflow.


Hello Cliff,

yes naturally, you can export as midi file:


(compile-score *last-score* :output :midi  
               :file "TempScores/section.mid" )



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Stephane, you change instrumentation by uncommenting the desired instrumentation in the variable *orchestrations*. I can't see where and how *orchestrations* gets used in the code. I guess this means there are other files involved (somehow) in the demo, and that we're waiting until the video pack is released to learn and use this utility, right? If so, I'm happy to wait. If I'm missing something, I would like to ask about that because the only way I can figure out to audition different instrumentation while lived coding involves cumbersome commenting/uncommenting.

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