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Opsumodus for Windows Tutorial

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Opusmodus 3.0 for Windows ( Basic Install and Workflow Setup )

In this video there is a tutorial for the installation and setup of Opusmodus 3.0 for Windows computers. 

It also shows the Loop Midi Setup and integration with Reaper, Musescore and Libre Office.



OPUSMODUS 3.0 - Windows


LOOP MIDI - Virtual Midi ports - Tobias Erichsen









00:00 - Intro
00:59 - Install Opusmodus
02:41 - First Look at Opusmodus Standalone
04:25 - Midi Setup
05:23 - Loop Midi Install
05:53 - Virtual Ports Setup 
06:30 - Selecting Midi Inputs and Midi Entry
07:00 - DAW Midi Loop Setup (Reaper)
09:19 - Def-Instrument-set creation and setup midi
11:42 - Preview Score with def-instrument-set using VST and Reaper
12:20 - OMN for creating musical ideas
12:44 - Using the Preview Score with VST sounds in Reaper
14:36 - Opusmodus and Notation Software - Musescore
15:21 - Opusmodus and word processor software - Libre Office

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