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Hi, what I want to do is to use ambitus-pitch-remove in the second voice
but preserving the rhythmical places for the remaining pitches (so that the pitches swallowed by ambitus-pitch-remove are replaced by rests of the same lengths).

Or asking more generally: Is it possible to manipulate on the level where pitches and length are already glued together (omn?)?


(setf mel '(c4 d4 e4 gs4 bb5 eb6))
(setf rhy '(1/4 -1/8 1/8 1/8 -1/8 1/4 1/4 -1/8 1/8 1/8 -1/4))
(setf mel2 (gen-eval 20 '(rnd-sample 6 mel)))
(setf rhy2 (gen-eval 10 '(rnd-sample 12 rhy)))
(setf rhy3 (assemble-seq '(-1/4) rhy2))

(setf eins (make-omn
            :length rhy2
            :pitch mel2))

(setf zwei (make-omn
            :length rhy3
            :pitch mel2))

(def-score hocket         
               (:key-signature atonal
                :time-signature '(8 8)
                :tempo 100)
  (eins :omn eins
        :channel 1
        :sound 'gm
        :program 0)

  (zwei :omn zwei
        :channel 2
        :program 0))
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I have created new function AMBITUS-SWALLOW which is doing what you are looking for.


ambitus-swallow range omn-sequence &key section




Arguments and Values:


range                   an integer (low high), a pitch symbol (low high) or instrument-name.

omn-list            omn sequence

section              an integer (list number selection).




This function swallows pitches, velocities and articulations from the omn-sequence which are outside the given range. The length of the removed pitch is inverted into rest-length. The span of the sequence stays unchanged.




(ambitus-swallow '(-11 21)

                 '((q c4ds3 e c4 c-1 q d5 g9)

                   (q c4 e d6 = = = c8 q d5 g9)))

=> ((q c4ds3 e c4 - q d5 -) (q c4 -e - - - - q d5 -))


With section:


Only the first list is processed (0-based).


(ambitus-swallow '(db3 a5)

                 '((q c4ds3 e c4 c-1 q d5 g9)

                   (q c4 e d6 = = = c8 q d5 g9))

                 :section '(0))

=> ((q c4ds3 e c4 - q d5 -) (q c4 e d6 = = = c8 q d5 g9))


(ambitus-swallow '(c4 f4)

 '((e c4e4g4 h_e c5)

   (q c4 = = - - =)

    (q cs4 = - - = =)

    (e c4 db4d4eb4 d4 db4 c4 cs5)

    (e c4 e4 g4 h_e c5)

    (q c4 = = - - =)

    (q cs4 = - - = =)

    (e c4 db4d6 d4 db4 c4 cs5)))


=> ((e c4e4 -h_e)

    (q c4 c4 c4 - - c4)

    (q cs4 cs4 - - cs4 cs4)

    (e c4 db4d4eb4 d4 db4 c4 -)

    (e c4 e4 - -h_e)

    (q c4 c4 c4 - - c4)

    (q cs4 cs4 - - cs4 cs4)

    (e c4 db4 d4 db4 c4 -))

Edited by opmo
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