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here's a function i've made for my own usage and i think could be useful for others.

It is a split point function which divide an OMN flux according to a list of split points.


Attached, you will find the French doc of the function 😉

;;; SB. 2020
;;; Fonction utile pour séparer les 2 mains pour une partie de piano
;;; renvoie une liste de listes

(defun split-point (split-points omn-seq)
  (do-verbose ("split-point")
  (let* (
         (spltconvert (if (numberp (car split-points))
                        (pitch-to-integer split-points)))
         (spltp (gen-trim (length omn-seq) spltconvert))
         (p1 (loop for sp in spltp
               for l in omn-seq
               collect (ambitus-filter `(,sp 128) l)
         (p2 (loop for sp in spltp
               for l in omn-seq
               collect (ambitus-filter `(-128 ,(- sp  1)) l)
    (list p1 p2))))

(split-point '(c4 d4) '((e a3d4 c4e4 f4c5 q g3d4 e4)(e a3d4 c4e4 f4c5 q g3d4 e4)))
=> (((e d4 c4e4 f4c5 q d4 e4)(q d4 e4 f4c5 d4 e4)) ((e a3 - - q g3 -)(e a3 c4 - q g3 -)))

;;; Example
(setf pmat (make-scale 'c2 32 :alt '(2 1 2 3)))
(setf pch (rnd-sample 128 pmat))
(setf chrd (chordize-list (gen-divide (rnd-number 8 1 4) pch)))
(setf mat (length-legato (gen-filter-euclidean 8 16 4 16 chrd 's '(mf))))
(setf split (split-point '(c4) mat))
(setf piano-rh (ambitus-chord 12 (first split)))
(setf piano-lh (ambitus-chord 12 (second split)))

(ps 'gm
    :p (list piano-rh piano-lh)





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