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Triggering event - anonymous functions (like in Javascript)

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Hello all, 


I'm coming from the javascript development world. Here are few musical ideas. Is there a way to implement them thanks to Opusmodus ? 


- play a sequence of notes in 30 seconds:

in javascript, it could be pseudo-coded like this: 

 setTimeout(function(){ play('c4 d4 e4 f4 g4'); }, 3000); 


- play a sequence of notes at a specific event.

in Javascript/jQuery, it is very easy to code anonymous functions that would wait for a specific event to be triggered. Some examples I have in mind:


play 'do ré mi' at bar 4

$('4th bar').on(function() { play('c5 d5 e6');});


play 'do ré mi' each time note f5 is played

$('f5').on(function() { play('c5 d5 e6');});

repeat the note + octave when f5 is played

$('f5').on(function(this) { play(this + this.octave(1));});


In other words: is it possible to trigger an anonymous function with opusmodus, so that a musical phrase will be played at specific event ? 



Thanks for clarification, best !

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SLEEP is the function you are looking for.

(sleep time) ; in seconds 


The 1st expression will play for 10 second. The 2nd for 4 seconds.

  (ps 'gm :cl (list (gen-repeat 100 '((s c4 d4 e4 f4 g4)))))
  (sleep 10)
  (ps 'gm :fl (list '(q c5 d5 e5 f5 g5 a5 b5)))
  (sleep 4)
  (ps 'gm :fl (list '(w cs6)))


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my colleagues from the computermusic laboratory advised me not to steer external things via internal SLEEP, but also to control the TIME / delay via OSC. perhaps also has to do with the fact that for me different things must be controlled in parallel and synchronized. i don't know...

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but SLEEP is not very precise


The Common Lisp standard actually says that the number of seconds specified as arguments for sleep is approximate:


> Causes execution to cease and become dormant for approximately the seconds of real time indicated by seconds, whereupon execution is resumed. 




Anyway, it seems that at least on a Mac the imprecision is rather regular, see the following discussion with empirical tests.



Anyway, for realtime scheduling in a musical context one needs likely a proper scheduler for that. 




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