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  1. Hello, Ok thanks ! I understand how to mitigate my first use case with SLEEP. But what the second one ? how to play a musical phrase at specific event, like for example when "f5" is played Thanks again !
  2. Hello all, I'm coming from the javascript development world. Here are few musical ideas. Is there a way to implement them thanks to Opusmodus ? - play a sequence of notes in 30 seconds: in javascript, it could be pseudo-coded like this: setTimeout(function(){ play('c4 d4 e4 f4 g4'); }, 3000); - play a sequence of notes at a specific event. in Javascript/jQuery, it is very easy to code anonymous functions that would wait for a specific event to be triggered. Some examples I have in mind: play 'do ré mi' at bar 4 $('4th bar').on(function() { play('c5 d5 e6');}); play 'do ré mi' each time note f5 is played $('f5').on(function() { play('c5 d5 e6');}); repeat the note + octave when f5 is played $('f5').on(function(this) { play(this + this.octave(1));}); In other words: is it possible to trigger an anonymous function with opusmodus, so that a musical phrase will be played at specific event ? Thanks for clarification, best !
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