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  1. Thanks Stéphane, Your help is really appreciated ! I just get a first win by writing and playing a first snippet. Thanks !
  2. Hello, I need your help : In "Etape 04.rtfd", we're invited to test a shortcut : "Pour entendre ceci, utilisez les fonctions Evaluate et Quick View Play (raccourci ⌥⌘P )." In "Etape 05.rtfd", shortcut is changing: "Evaluation et Quick View Play (lecture dans l'aperçu rapide) (^⌘P)." Nothing happens when I press "⌥⌘P" and "^⌘P" I cannot find "Evaluate and Quick View Play" in menu What am I supposed to test in these lessons with this shortcut ? Thanks for your help !
  3. Bonsoir Stéphane, Oui, je crois que cela va me faire gagner beaucoup de temps. J'essaie d'avancer tant que je peux puis je vous contacte. Merci !
  4. Thanks Ole for the trick ! Ok, I think I've understood the problem: I don't know the differences between all available tools. Where can I find documentation to understand how to use "evaluate score" submenus and "extract" submenus and the others? Thanks ! Etape_01.mov
  5. Hello, I'm currently trying to leverage my knowledge by digging into the forum and tutorials. I've tried to copy/paste some examples to in a "test and learn" process, but always fails on not understandable errors: After some research on the forum, I had the explanation: My questions are : What is involved in the buggy parsing ? What chars should we delete/replace to make copy/paste work ? Is there any simple process to transform the omn source code published on this forum, so that we will be sure it will be parsed correctly by Opus Modus ? Thanks, best !
  6. Hello I'm closed to buy v1.3 but I'm interested by v1.4 new features. Could you please explain how license works regarding upgrades ? Will I have free upgrade to v1.4, 1.5, and coming ones ? If not, what is the average cost per year for and up-to-date user ? Thanks !
  7. Hello, Ok thanks ! I understand how to mitigate my first use case with SLEEP. But what the second one ? how to play a musical phrase at specific event, like for example when "f5" is played Thanks again !
  8. Hello all, I'm coming from the javascript development world. Here are few musical ideas. Is there a way to implement them thanks to Opusmodus ? - play a sequence of notes in 30 seconds: in javascript, it could be pseudo-coded like this: setTimeout(function(){ play('c4 d4 e4 f4 g4'); }, 3000); - play a sequence of notes at a specific event. in Javascript/jQuery, it is very easy to code anonymous functions that would wait for a specific event to be triggered. Some examples I have in mind: play 'do ré mi' at bar 4 $('4th bar').on(function() { play('c5 d5 e6');}); play 'do ré mi' each time note f5 is played $('f5').on(function() { play('c5 d5 e6');}); repeat the note + octave when f5 is played $('f5').on(function(this) { play(this + this.octave(1));}); In other words: is it possible to trigger an anonymous function with opusmodus, so that a musical phrase will be played at specific event ? Thanks for clarification, best !
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