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Stephane Boussuge

Mapcar Study 1 for small ensemble

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    • By Stephane Boussuge
      Here's a small piano study using my new function make-chord-if-length and few others from my personal lib.
      Enjoy 😉
      ;;; UTILITIES ;;; ======================================== ;;; GEN-PITCH-LINE ;;; Fonction de génération de hauteurs basées sur une conversion de vecteur de bruit ;;; avec un grand choix de type de bruit, taux de compression du vecteur, filtrage des répétitions et ambitus. (defun gen-pitch-line (nb-pitch &key (compress 1) (ambitus '(c4 c6)) seed filter-repeat (type :white)) (setf seed (rnd-seed seed)) (let (pitches) (do-verbose ("gen-pitch-line :seed ~s" seed) (labels ((white-or-pink (nb-pitch seed type) (if (eq type ':pink) (gen-pink-noise nb-pitch :seed seed) (gen-white-noise nb-pitch :seed seed :type (if (eq type ':white) :normal type)))) (process (nb-pitch &key (compress 1) (ambitus '(c4 c6)) seed filter-repeat type) (setf pitches (vector-to-pitch ambitus (vector-smooth compress (white-or-pink nb-pitch seed type)))) (when filter-repeat (setf pitches (gen-trim nb-pitch (filter-repeat filter-repeat pitches)))) pitches) ) (process nb-pitch :compress compress :ambitus ambitus :filter-repeat filter-repeat :seed (seed) :type type))))) #| USAGE (gen-pitch-line 24 :compress 0.42 :type :white :filter-repeat 1) (gen-pitch-line 24 :compress 0.42 :type :pink :filter-repeat 1) (gen-pitch-line 24 :compress 0.42 :type :extreme :filter-repeat 1) (gen-eval 8 '(make-omn :pitch (gen-pitch-line 24 :compress 0.42 :type :white :filter-repeat 1) :length (euclidean-rhythm 16 1 16 's :type 2) ) :seed 33) |# ;;; OMN-ARTICULATION-PROCESSOR (defun omn-articulation-processor (map omn-mat &key (section nil)) (do-verbose ("omn-articulation-processor") (let ((artic (pattern-map map (omn :length omn-mat) :otherwise '(default) :section section)) ) (omn-replace :articulation artic omn-mat) ))) ;;; MAKE-CHORD-IF-LENGTH (defun make-chord-if-length-aux (omn &key (test #'>) (length-val 1/8) (interval-list '((4 7)(7 12))) (cycle t)(relative nil) seed) (setf seed (rnd-seed seed)) (let ((s-events (single-events omn))) (loop for e in s-events when (funcall test (omn-encode (first e)) length-val) append (omn-replace :pitch (gen-chord3 (list (second e)) interval-list :cycle cycle :relative relative :seed (seed)) e ) else append e))) (defun make-chord-if-length (omn &key (test #'>) (length-val 1/8) (interval-list '((4 7)(7 12)))(cycle nil)(relative nil) seed) (setf seed (rnd-seed seed)) (do-verbose ("make-chord-if-length :seed ~s :length-val ~s :interval-list ~s :cycle ~s :relative ~s" seed length-val interval-list cycle relative) (let ((test-fn (case test (> #'>) (< #'<) (= #'=) (otherwise test)))) (if (listp (car omn)) (mapcar #'(lambda (x) (make-chord-if-length-aux x :test test-fn :length-val (omn-encode length-val) :interval-list interval-list :cycle cycle :relative relative :seed (seed))) omn) (make-chord-if-length-aux omn :test test-fn :length-val (omn-encode length-val) :interval-list interval-list :cycle cycle :relative relative :seed (seed)))))) ;;; ======================================== ;;;--------------------------------------------------------- ;;; Parameters ;;;--------------------------------------------------------- (setf size 24) (setf flow1 (pitch-transpose -7 (make-omn :pitch (gen-pitch-line 128 :compress 0.33 :seed 729353) :length (rnd-sample size '((s s s s s s s s -q) (e e h)(h.)(q q e e) (e e q q)(s s s s q q) (q s s s s q)(s s e -e s s q) ) :seed 729355) :velocity (rnd-sample size '((ppp)(pp)(p)(mp)(mf)) :seed 729356) ))) (setf flow2 (pitch-transpose -4 (make-omn :pitch (gen-pitch-line 128 :compress 0.73 :seed 353) :length (rnd-sample size '((h. ) (q. e q)(h.)(q q q) (h -q)(e e h) (h e e) ) :seed 729355) :velocity (rnd-sample size '((ppp)(pp)(p)) :seed 729356) ))) (setf flow3 (pitch-transpose -7 (make-omn :pitch (gen-pitch-line 128 :compress 0.33 :seed 7353) :length (rnd-sample size '((s s s s s s s s -q) (e e h)(h.)(q q e e) (e e q q)(s s s s q q) (q s s s s q)(s s e -e s s q) ) :seed 7255) :velocity (rnd-sample size '((ppp)(pp)(p)(mp)(mf)) :seed 7256) ))) ;;; Articulation remap (setf map '(((1/16 1/16 1/16 1/16)(leg leg leg default)))) (setf with-ch1 (omn-articulation-processor map (pitch-ornament (make-chord-if-length flow1 :interval-list '((-7 -19 3 9)(-4 -16 3 7) (-5 -17 4 12)(-3 -15 7)) :cycle nil :relative t :seed 729358 )))) (setf with-ch2 (omn-articulation-processor map (pitch-ornament (make-chord-if-length flow2 :interval-list '((-7 -19 3 9)(-4 -16 3 7) (-5 -17 4 12)(-3 -15 7)) :cycle nil :relative t :seed 729358 )))) (setf with-ch3 (omn-articulation-processor map (pitch-ornament (make-chord-if-length flow3 :interval-list '((-7 -19 3 9)(-4 -16 3 7) (-5 -17 4 12)(-3 -15 7)) :cycle nil :relative t :seed 729358 )))) ;;; SCORE ASSEMBLY (setf piano-rh (omn-replace :articulation '(default leg leg leg default fermata-l) (ambitus-filter '(c4 c8) (assemble-seq with-ch1 with-ch2 with-ch3)) :section '(71))) (setf piano-lh (omn-replace :articulation '(default fermata-l) (ambitus-filter '(c0 b3) (assemble-seq with-ch1 with-ch2 with-ch3)) :section '(71))) ;;;--------------------------------------------------------- ;;; Score and Layout ;;;--------------------------------------------------------- (def-score Study (:title "Mcil-study" :composer "S.Boussuge" :copyright "Copyright © 2018 s.boussuge " :key-signature 'chromatic :time-signature '((1 1 1) 4) :tempo 82 :layout (piano-solo-layout 'piano-rh 'piano-lh)) (piano-rh :omn piano-rh :channel 1 :sound 'gm :program 'acoustic-grand-piano :volume 100 :pan 64 :controllers (91 '(48)) ) (piano-lh :omn piano-lh :channel 2 :controllers (91 '(48)) ) )  
    • By RST
      Hello people!
      This is a relatively recent work that I composed with Opusmodus.  A septet...
      Alto Flute, Clarinet, Trombone, Viola, Violoncello, Piano, Percussion
      This is a live recording from the premiere at the Trieste Prima Festival and is by Ensemble MD7 conducted by Steven Loy.

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