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The learning curve..thoughts

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For me, this is a much easier journey than Max/MSP or ACToolbox or Kyma or PWGL or ...in fact any program for composition where there is a bunch of boxes, wires and annoying graphics! The idea of boxes and graphics..the visual paradigm, is it is meant to make it easier somehow.. but I now realise the reverse is true.

If you are just dealing with text and traditional music notation as in OM,  it's really very straight forward. There is a learning 'bump' initially but then it really starts to make sense.

I got so annoyed at Max going from 4 to 5 to 6 to 7 and the ridiculous changes in the GUI that meant I had to relearn the program every time. It was all about them. I feel Opusmodus is all about me. And that's quite a unique experience. And actually the real effort visually in Opusmodus has been put in to functionality, the IDE, which to be honest is totally unique. Thanks.

Onward and upward. (with a few backwards I'm sure)



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