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Opusmodus 1.3 crashing

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Happy new year, all! I upgraded to 1.3 this morning, following the instructions and removing the folder before the upgrade. All went well with the installation, but after about 5 minutes of running it would crash. An additional problem: I cannot find a crash log where MacOS usually keeps it. I initially thought it was a problem with CLM, as I had been investigating that, but then I restarted the computer and opened Opusmodus and it crashed again while working on a new file. Anyone have any ideas about what the potential problem could be, or at least where the crash log would be? Normally I find them in ~/logs/DiagnosticReports, but I don't see one there. Thank you all for any advice.




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Thanks Janusz,

   I am running the latest update of Mojave on a 2016 MacBook pro with 8 gig ram and a 2.9 GHz i9 processor. The program just shuts down, I get a "send to apple?" message, and I can see the data in when I expand it, but I cannot find the crash log to send along to you. I was able to work on it last night for a half hour without it crashing. After Julio's message, I installed it on my iMac and it hasn't crashed. On the MacBook Pro, I didn't necessarily have to do anything. it would crash even if just sitting there. As I said before, I had been trying the CLM stuff, but then it also crashed when I reopened after a restart and tried working on a simple file from scratch. I'm wondering if there is a conflict on this computer, the only difference between this and my iMac, is a few fewer apps, and the laptop has Dorico on it (and the Steinberg e-Licenser). There are no other apps on the laptop that aren't on the desktop. I don't know if any of this is helpful, but if you have any other questions or suggestions, I appreciate it. 






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Dear Timothy,


Lets delete some folders and files from the Library folder.


1. Quit app.

2. Go to Library/Preferences folder and delete the com.opusmodus.Opusmodus.plist file:



3. Go to Library/Caches folder and delete the com.opusmodus.Opusmodus folder:


Screenshot 2019-01-03 at 16.00.24.png


4. Start Opusmodus app

5. Create a new workspace


Let me know if the app is still crashing.





P.S. To play with the CLM please use the CLM.opmo file which you find in the Library panel '3. HowTo Score/Sound Synthesis' folder:


Screenshot 2019-01-03 at 16.09.33.png


As well the 3 files in '5. Sound Synthesis' folder:


Screenshot 2019-01-03 at 16.09.03.png


The CLM folder should not be used.

There are some clm instruments which may course crash.

With the time we will add more clm instruments with OMN form.


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The update was carried out without problem following the instructions in particular by deleting the file Opusmodus in Documents. The upgrade has been installed on the Mojave OS 10.14.2. and it runs without any problem.I particularly appreciate in this new version the functions circle-pitch-plot, circle-rhythm-plot, xy-plot, and the pcs-rhythm. Very useful tools for musical analysis. The ivory background for rendering the scores is very nice too.



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