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conTimbre library + pitchbend

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short information about this from CT:


"Currently, only the VST plugin does the pitch bend correctly, there was some reason why I did not fix the problem with the Max version, but I'll take it now.
In the short term, you can also solve it by sending the pitchbend value immediately after each noteon.
Pitchbend + - tritone."




but how to how to send "the pitchbend value immediately after each noteon. Pitchbend + - tritone." ...i have no idea, i will wait for the UPDATE

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I got a trial version of the new conTimbre-player-maxpatch (from thomas hummel), now the opusmodus-tuning also works well in conTimbre.

I think it will be in the next update ... 🙂


...i like it more in cents then in float...

(defun cents-to-tuning (centlist)
  (a*x 0.01 centlist))

(cents-to-tuning '(-14 +50 5))
=> (-0.14 0.5 0.049999997)


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