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Found 4 results

  1. Opusmodus 2.0 - New Functions: POLYPHONY The POLYPHONY function allows you to modify unwanted events (interval, velocity or attribute) in a musical texture consisting of two or more simultaneous lines (voices). The unwanted pitch can be removed with (p) symbol (pause), replaced with the an octave (o) of the leading voice or replaced with an interval value in relation to the leading voice pitch. Dictum form: (<interval><pitch-event><velocity><attribute>) in that order. Dictum examples If true: (7 p) 7 - tes
  2. short information about this from CT: "Currently, only the VST plugin does the pitch bend correctly, there was some reason why I did not fix the problem with the Max version, but I'll take it now. In the short term, you can also solve it by sending the pitchbend value immediately after each noteon. Pitchbend + - tritone." https://www.contimbre.com/en/ but how to how to send "the pitchbend value immediately after each noteon. Pitchbend + - tritone." ...i have no idea, i will wait for the UPDATE
  3. with these functions you could write your CENTS for tuning directly into OMN-attributes, and extract it afterwards 1. generate by add-cents-tuning-to-text-atrributes the cent values into text-attributes (only one time), you could decide if it will be shown in the score "as CENTS or as FLOAT" 2. now you could write your CENTS for tuning into OMN-attributes like 50ct, -34ct ...also in combination with other text-attributes legno+50ct, pizz+-65ct, -45ct+batt 3. you could EXTRACT afterwards your LIST for TUNING directly from OMN by get-tuning-from-omn*.if an EVENT has no ce
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