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  1. Brilliant—Thank you Stéphane:)
  2. Sometimes I find I cannot focus the saving process on the current workspace; it won't save on command-s, and on shift-command-s, what is offered for saving is the .opmo file, no matter what efforts I can think to make to focus elsewhere than the composer. Anyone else? Solutions?
  3. Hello, new user here— among the first things I did with OM was to import some simple MIDI files, using directions in a video that has now been lost, as I understand. Just tried to do this again and realized I'd no recollection of exactly how to do it, or how I did it. I've read the two functions for doing this, and I definitely didn't use either of those methods before! Could someone who knows the method please describe it here, until a new video or other tutorial about it reappears? Many thanks in advance!
  4. Turns out a program change message CAN reset the channel strip. From the Logic docs: "You can remotely switch between channel strip settings by sending MIDI program change messages. This allows you to select your favorite sounds by pushing a button on your MIDI keyboard. To use this feature, you need to save a channel strip setting as a performance." Also turns out I had a few settings saved as performances (meaning they were saved into a folder called Performance, inside the Instruments folder for saved Channel Strips), certainly done out of ignorance, including the pr
  5. This is a tough one: Anybody know what could be causing a Logic track to load a very specific new channel strip setting whenever I hit Command 1 and Bus 1, channel 1 is set in the Prefs? I've tried with lots of different score examples that AFAIK don't specify any particular instrument… What sort of message could that be, anyway? It's not a Program Change one, is it?, since it's loading a different plugin PLUS a MIDI FX neither of which I had loaded originally…!? TIA! Related: In trying to troubleshoot this, I've tried closing Logic and with the same OM settings, setting a track in Live to
  6. Thank you, Stéphane; really enjoyed that and found it all very helpful!
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