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  1. I think that this is the function you mentioned today (november 7 at the zoom session) ? Great !
  2. Nice, Stephane ! But sounds a little different in Sibelius. Best. Julio And Musescore is free !
  3. musescore_KEYSW.mp4 Here is Musescore doing Keyswitches ! But maybe we can just add standard staves to a MusicXML file for doing this. Put some staves like in the above video and generate it like standard notes for the keyswitches. Simple. We need opusmodus to create articualtion staves alongside the normal tracks with the same rhythms of the staves (and with articulations instead). This can be MusicXML staves (we just need normal notes (in a very low register). I think it´s possible... All the best ! One interesting thing is to make the articulation notes a little milliseconds before the actual notes (to change the articulation al little before the note). In my video, I use to copy all the notes of the score, then paste it a little before the notes (like a 32nd or 64th note before) and then edit the articulations. BEst !
  4. Dear Stephane, Musescore is playing it right. You just need to configure the tracks to send it. I use a loop midi device for sending the information to the tracks of the DAW. No problem. The problem is that midi files dont suport some details of the notation. MusicXML are more comprehensive for the notation diversity. So, saving as MIDI will lose some details of notation (like tenutos, staccatos, etc, but will gain the track keyswicthes). So, including the articulation tracks embedded in XML files would be great in this situation. All the best ! Julio
  5. YESSSSSS !! True, Janusz ! The midi export is great ! It contains a track just for articulations, like this : But, as a midi file, it lacks some of the notation information only possible in XML files, so would be a nice idea to have this very same option in the XML file. Seems to be easy: It´s just to compile the articulation staves alongside with the XML output. A suggestion for implementation. All the best ! Julio Actually my file need some debug, since it´s sending double notes in some articulations... By the way this file was made with my chord library... Sounds cool
  6. HC_draftt_XML.xml This is the exported file from opusmodus. Maybe the articulations are there, but not in the form of a recognizable track with normal midi notes for keyswithches. Maybe the articulations are embbeded, but not visible as a track. Or maybe there´s a different way to import this as a track... Thank you ! Best, Julio No no Forget.... This is not a keyswich, because the octave is 5 The key switches are very low notes...
  7. Dear Friends, After some time I managed to work with custom articulations, using the def-instruments folder, etc. This is working great ! No problem (thanks Janusz and Stephane for the support and tips). The question for me now is that I use to go back and forth to Opus Modus, Musescore (or Finale) and to my DAW (Bandlab) to work on sections, fine tuning notation, etc. So, in DAW or musescore, I use a setup like this: I have four instruments and more four additional staves just for articulation switching. THE QUESTION : Is there some way to export from Opusmodus as XML my score with the four instrument staves and more four staves with the exact key switches opusmodus are sending to the DAW ? In this way I could just import the XML file to my DAW or Musescore and I could hear it exactly like when previewing in Opusmodus and I also could manage to edit and refine my score at notation program or sequencer. Thanks a lot ! Best, Julio
  8. Many thanks, Stephane !! I´m kind of searching methods to generate a good part of the material for my pieces... Maybe it´s necessary to code one different thing per texture... And, after all, merge all the sections together. Thanks a lot !
  9. Dear Friends, Sometimes my composition process is very related to harmony and voice-leading. For example starting with a sequence of chords in 4-part writing as a foundation for a string quartet or saxophone quartet. So, I have some questions regarding this: 1) How to make ornaments and developing the texture in each voice individually but keeping the harmonic movement based on the first "chorale", the fundation of the composition. Maybe harmonic path ? But do you have other hints ? 2) How to repeat the notes of a given chord within that foundational 4-part structure Something like this... I have my ideas, but I´d like to hear more from you (especially in ways to be more flexible). Some of my ideas are here
  10. Dear Rangarajan, Some years ago I used something called soundflower to record every sound generated by the computer, including what is going in the browser. But I rarely use the sounds coming from the computer synthetizer. You can send midi notes to a DAW (digital audio workstation), like Logic or Garage Band, and even to another windows computer via RTP MIDI. rtpMIDI | Tobias Erichsen WWW.TOBIAS-ERICHSEN.DE I´m more a "Windows guy", so I´m using Bandlab now as my prefered DAW (It´s free). Once you send your midi notes to a DAW it´s easy to record. Alternatively, you can export a music XML or midi file file to a notation program or to a DAW of your preference, choosing a VST instrument of your taste. I think Stephane show some setups here in the forum. All the best ! Julio NOTE: If you are only in MAC. You dont need RTP MIDI Yes you can do it in Camtasia or OBS Studio (also in Active Presenter). Best !
  11. Thanks a lot, Stephane ! Great, as usual ! Best ! Julio
  12. Thanks, Janusz I did the test with the same VST setup, just changing the OSX. I don´t know. Going to try a little more. Thanks I´m going to stick on 10.11 Articulations are really important to me... Thanks for the help
  13. Yes, I´m using exactly the same sound-set and definitions (exactly the same folder, with the same def-instruments). I copied from the previous install at El Capitan... For example, the cello are receiving the notes alongside with the keyswitches (in the wrong octave). I don´t know how it occurs, because in the sound set its assigned the same way. I decided to open my last install of opusmodus in El Capitan (my old system) and there it worked... Is there something different in the way Opusmodus work at High Sierra ? In El Capitan, I have one earlier version of Opusmodus (I think one before this last).
  14. I get rid of the errors but for some reason my articulations wont change anymore...
  15. HEMLOCK Resolved ! Right Folder... Dear Janusz, I don´t know in what folder I must put the file Load CLM Instruments.lisp you mentioned here: and here: Thanks in advance ! Best, Julio FOUND !! ~/Opusmodus/Extensions/“ directory.
  16. Dear Friends, I´m getting this error at opusmodus opening. IN conjunction with this, my PS functionality is not working as before. Preview score is not calling the right midi out port to my DAW. With the def score I can use it but keyswithches go wrong... My midi destinations: ((0 . "Session 1")) Session 1 is MIDI via Wifi (used to work before, when I was at El Capitan). I dont know what is this. There is also this warning at start:
  17. Thank you, guys !! Yes, I try to read all the stuff, but it does not mean I understand it all by myself... And this quarantine is so lonely... I need to talk with you... Fortunately, I have this marvelous forum !! With amazing people ! It´s very cool to have some functions with short "nicknames" ! Thanks a lot. I will try this.
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