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Improving length-rest-series

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I sometimes like to turn certain notes into rests. The built-in function length-rest-series is great for that, but it only works with lengths, not full OMN expressions. So, I generalised that function. I can do now, e.g., the following. 


(setf melody '((s eb6 < leg f5 < leg c5 < leg f5 < leg) (e e6 f - -q)))

(note-rest-series '(1 1) melody :swallow T :section '(0))

; => ((-s - c5 < leg f5 < leg) (e e6 f - -q))


Note that in contrast to the original function length-rest-series, the new function note-rest-series does not only support OMN expressions, but also extra arguments like swallow and section.


The definition of this function uses length-rest-series and my function edit-omn for writing such generalisations, and it can therefore be rather short. In fact, the documentation string of the function is much longer than the definition itself :)  Please see below.


The function edit-omn is part of my tot library, which is available at GitHub. You can see its definition at starting at (currently) line 24 at https://github.com/tanders/tot/blob/master/sources/OMN-utils.lisp


Note that with edit-omn you can also easily turn other functions that expect just a single parameter list (e.g., pitches, or lengths) into functions for OMN expressions by automatically preserving the time signature and very conveniently adding standard arguments like flat or section. 





(defun note-rest-series (positions sequence &key (flat nil) (swallow nil) (section nil))
  "This function is like the Opusmodus built-in length-rest-series, but supports arbitrary OMN expressions as input and additionally the arguments swallow and section.

  - positions (list of ints): positions of notes to be turned into rests
  - sequence (list of lengths or OMN expression): music to process
  - flat (Boolean): whether positions count for sublists (nil) or the whole list (T)
  - swallow (Boolean): whether the pitches of notes turned into rests should be shifted to the next note or omitted (swallowed) 
  - section (list of ints): positions of sublists to process. This argument is ignored if flat is T.


;;; (setf melody '((s eb6 < leg f5 < leg c5 < leg f5 < leg) (e e6 f - -q)))
;;; (note-rest-series '(1 1) melody :swallow T :section '(0))
  (edit-omn :length sequence 
            #'(lambda (ls) (length-rest-series positions ls))
            :swallow swallow
	    :section section
	    :flat flat))


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Dear Stephane,


Did you follow the installation instructions at https://github.com/tanders/tot? Have you installed git? Unfortuantely, the installation is a bit complicated, as there are several dependencies. Therefore I explained it at the link above. The package TU is provided by the library ta-utilities, which you can install with git like everything else. 


If you want to only have the function you could also go directly to the library ta-utilities at GitHub and copy out the missing functions (https://github.com/tanders/ta-utilities/blob/master/my-utilities.lisp), e.g., remove-properties which then in turn depends on remove-property in the same file. 




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