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Big Thank you to Torsten.

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Hi all,

I just would like to give Torsten a massive THX for sharing his knowledge and code here at the forum(not just Torsten).

I learn so much from you in various areas that I try to use.

I have used PWGL in the past and will dig deep into what you have done and how, when it comes to make OM and PWGL to "work together".

If I can get OM, PWGL and Max to exchange data I am in kind of heaven.

Finally I have retired from work and have time to do what I like most.


Thank you Torsten and all the other persons that share code and knowledge.



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> If I can get OM, PWGL and Max to exchange data I am in kind of heaven.


Having Opusmodus and PWGL exchanging data works easily via textfiles, but it is a bit awkward to set up (setting file names explicitly for each case etc.). I tried to "remove control" PWGL from Opusmodus with sockets etc., but could not get that working -- PWGL is not designed for that. 


Getting PWGL libraries running within Opusmodus is a much more smooth connection, though the programming part tends to do a bit harder with plain Lisp code compared to PWGL patches (e.g., no objects or values to pick from menus). On the upside, the resulting programs are more concise and therefore more easy to read in Opusmodus compared with PWGL -- I prefer that :) 


BTW: There is more in the pipeline.





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