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Ported PWGL libraries: Cluster Engine and Cluster Rules

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Dear all,


I am working on porting libraries from other algorithmic composition environments so that they are usable in Opusmodus. 


The library Cluster Engine is a constraint solver for solving polyphonic constraint satisfaction problems where both the pitch and the rhythmic structure can be restricted by an arbitrary number of constraints (rules), and a constraint solver then searches for a solution that is consistent with all constraints. This library supports user-defined rules, and highly flexible ways to control which aspects of the resulting score are controlled by certain rules. For example, you can independently control with compositional rules the melody and harmony of the music you generate.


The library Cluster Rules is extension of Cluster Engine that provides predefined rules and some utilities.


Plain Common Lisp versions of these libraries are available at https://github.com/tanders/cluster-engine and https://github.com/tanders/cluster-rules, together with installation instructions etc.


These libraries are very powerful, e.g., I use them to revise the underlying harmony of preexisting Opusmodus scores such that the result follows standard voice leading rules etc. 


However, these libraries may be somewhat tricky to learn, in particular if you never before had any contact with constraint programming. I therefore recommend to start learning these libraries first in PWGL, where their documentation is better (they come with interactive tutorials). 




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Dear Achim,


From your error message at the end (There is no package named "PW" ) it looks like you did not follow the installation instructions, which you can find at https://github.com/tanders/cluster-engine  In a nutshell, you should load it with ASDF and for that put it at a location where ASDF can find it. Instead, when you are putting it into ~/Opusmodus/Extensions/ then files are loaded in a wrong order.  





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