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LISP Defun Question

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I have a basic lisp question - I'd like to create a function that takes a tonality as its argument and performs something like the following line: 


(setf test (tonality-map '((pcs '3-2) :root b3 :map shift) (make-scale 'c4 12)))


So (defun pitches (tonality) .....) - and then (pitches (pcs '3-2)) would return the list (b3 c4 d4 b4 c5 d5 b5 c6 d6 b6 c7 d7)


Thanks so much!




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Sorry if I am not clear - yes the return is what I want. Now I'd like to have a new function that only accepts the collection and returns this same notes.  


So (newfunction (pcs '3-2)) gives the same result.


These are obviously wrong - 

(defun newfunction (tonality)
  (tonality-map '((tonality) :root b3 :map shift) (make-scale 'c4 12)))


(defun newfunction (tonality)
  (tonality-map '(tonality :root b3 :map shift) (make-scale 'c4 12)))


My goal is to create more complex functions that make use of tonality-map - I realize this might seem unneeded in this simple example - but as the code gets complex I think this function would be helpful for me. 


Many Thanks!!!

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Works here:

(defun tmap (tonality)
  (tonality-map `(,tonality :root b3 :map step) (make-scale 'c4 12)))
(tmap (pcs '3-2))
=> (b3 c4 d4 b4 c5 d5 b5 c6 d6 b6 c7 d7)


added 3 minutes later

If you are getting an error you need to provide the expression otherwise I can't help.

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