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Triad inversion to root position intervals

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I would like to be able to convert a major or minor triad in any inversion and any octave position of it's notes to the intervals of its root position. Can't use pitch classes for this since major and minor triads are concidered the same pitch class. Can't find the right approach.


For example:

'(e3 g4 c5) -> '(4 3)

'(eb3 g4 c5) -> '(3 4)

'(g1 e7 c8) -> '(4 3)

(g1 eb7 c9) -> '(3 4)


The Tonnetz functions are almost working but this is the missing link to get it working.


Many thanks in advance.


Wim Dijkgraaf


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should work...


(defun get-root-intervals (pitches)
   (sort-asc (pitch-to-integer (ambitus-octaves 'c4 1 pitches)))))

(get-root-intervals '(g1 c9 e6))
(get-root-intervals '(f3 d4 a4))


interested to see your work :-)



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