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Selection from lists of varying lengths

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   Is there an OpusModus function (I'll bet there is) that can create lists (chords, etc) created from items selected from lists of varying lengths? Something like this:

Source lists (3 lists): ( '(c4 d4 e4) '(f4 g4 a4 b4) '(cs4 ds4 fs4 gs4 as4) )

Output, successive items from each list: (list '(c4 f4 cs4) '(d4 g4 ds4) '(e4 a4 fs4) '(c4 b4 gs4) '(d4 f4 as4) '(e4 g4 cs4) ...)
I'm having a great time learning LISP and OM (I come from Python/Java background mostly). I looked through the gen- functions, but nothing seemed to match. I was going to try to write a LISP function, but I figure there was already something in OM, as it seems geared towards these types of transformations.



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(matrix-transpose '((1 3 5) (2 4 6)))
=> ((1 2) (3 4) (5 6))

(setf mat1 '(c4 db4 ab4 f4 g4 bb4 a4 eb4 b4 e4 d4 gb4))
(setf mat2 '(db4 ab4 f4 g4 bb4 a4 eb4 b4 e4 d4 gb4 c4))

(gen-combine mat1 mat2)
=> ((c4 db4) (db4 ab4) (ab4 f4) (f4 g4) (g4 bb4) (bb4 a4)
    (a4 eb4) (eb4 b4) (b4 e4) (e4 d4) (d4 gb4) (gb4 c4))

(gen-combine '(a a a a) '(b b b) '(c c) :rest t)
=> ((a b c) (a b c) (a b) (a))

(gen-combine '(a a a a) '(b b b) '(c c) :revolving t)
=> ((a b c) (a b c) (a b c) (a b c))


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