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VSL converter -> Sibelius Sound Set to Opusmodus Sound Set

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I've started to develop a converter that converts Sibelius SoundSet files (xml) to Opusmodus SoundSet format. It's very preliminary yet but attached you'll find the result of using the Sibelius Special Edition Sound Set as well as the Sibelius Strings Sound Set as test input. Looks promising I think. 


The Controllers group is missing but I'll be able to implement that part soon. Need a better understanding of what it's supposed to do and will start testing the output so far.


VSL has created Sibelius specific presets for Vienna Instruments which are meant to be used in conjunction with the Sibelius Sound Set. The converter I wrote converts these Sibelius Sound Set XML files into Opusmodus sound files that will work with those same Sibelius presets for Vienna Instruments. They won't work with the standard VSL presets but as far from what I understand now those Sibelius specific Sound Set formats & presets are very useful for Opusmodus too. 


You don't have to have Sibelius in order to use these Opusmodus sound sets. I just use the word Sibelius to make clear that the Vienna Instruments Sibelius presets shall be used.


Any suggestions are more than welcome.


(see post below for the latest version of the sound sets.)



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This will be quite helpful.  Last week Jay Spears from Avid was visiting me at my university and informed me of many exciting new developments with Sibelius that are planned.  Thus, keeping the focus on Sibelius for extending Opusmodus work is probably a great idea.  I will look forward to exploring these tools.  Thank you for providing them!

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Here are all Sibelius Sound Sets for Opusmodus.


I've only been testing with the Dimension Strings sound sets. So none of the other files I've been able to test so far. Would be great to get feedback if these sound sets need further improvement.


Have fun :-)









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  • 3 months later...

Hi Torsten,


I've adjusted the source code and checked if it still works .. it does.


Just a short explanation of what I did to write the converter:

- used Microsoft XSD tool (included as xsd.exe) to auto generate a C# class from an XML file, with one of the Sibelius soundset files as input.

- I don't know to what degree that format is standardized. Might be that you encounter issues with EastWest files ... or maybe it just works. If both VSL and EastWest use the same XML elements, it should work.

-  Wrote some classes with the logic to create Opusmodus Soundsets

- Added a console project that does the reading of Sibelius soundsets, calls the converter and serializes the result back to disc as an opusmodus soundset file.


The output from the converter is not 100% correct; meaning that you'll have to do some manual adjustments in Opusmodus to make sure that the soundset file is 100% Common Lisp 'compatible'. This due to some special characters that the converter doesn't handle correctly (yet) and which can't be used in Common Lisp symbols.


There is also some logic that maps VSL names to standard Opusmodus names that you'll have to adjust in order to be correct for the EastWest library.


I included the SibeliusSoundSet files for your convenience so you can make sure the solution works on your machine. It should be hassle free under Microsoft Visual Studio Community edition and above.


If I can be of some help, please let me know.


Big hug,


Wim Dijkgraaf


p.s. Wrote the code under time pressure and wanted to make sure first that the concept is viable. Should refactor the code :-) Even better ... re-write this code in Common Lisp running in Opusmodus ... :-)

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  • 3 years later...

This ressource is fantastically useful for me, it allow me to use Opusmodus in conjonction with Sibelius with Vienna Ensemble as sound server for both of them.

The workflow is very good because i'm using only one Vienna Ensemble big template with 200 instruments (with samples unloaded, they just load when midi) and i can open in Sibelius what i did in OM and drive this Vienna template from OM or Sibelius, adding instruments, testing some orchestration etc...


Thanks a lot Wim !!



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