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change rhythm-value into acciaccatura?

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i coded my own algorithm... so the ouput is like that, but a problem with ambitus-swallow...

(setq omn-list '(s. c4 pp ponte (acc t b3 ppp flaut t f3 ppp flaut) s. e3 pp ponte -t (acc t c4 pp flaut) s. fs3 ppp tasto s. b3 ppp tasto (acc t f3 pp flaut) -t (acc t c4 pppp ord) s. cs4 pp ponte s g4 ppp ord s f4 ppp ord s. b4 pp ponte (acc t c5 pppp ord) -t s c4 pp flaut e_t b3 p tasto s f3 ppp tasto s bb3 ppp tasto e_t e3 p tasto s eb3 pp flaut -w s. c4 ppp tasto (acc t b3 pppp ord t f3 p tasto t d3 p tasto t gs2 pppp ord) s. g2 ppp tasto -w (acc t c4 ppp ord) e_t fs3 pppp tasto (acc t g3 pppp flaut t cs3 pppp flaut) e_t d3 pppp tasto (acc t gs2 ppp ord) -t s c4 pppp ponte (acc t eb4 p tasto) s e4 pp tasto s g4 pp tasto (acc t gs4 p tasto) s b4 pppp ponte -t (acc t c4 p flaut) s. g3 ppp tasto s. gs3 ppp tasto (acc t eb3 p flaut) -t e_t c4 pppp ponte s fs4 pp ord))

;;; it works well with cmd2, but the function: ambitus-swallow ...has a problem... why?

(ambitus-swallow '(cs3 fs5)  omn-list)

> Error: Duration must be positive when duration-add is false.
> While executing: normalize-duration, in process Listener-1(6).
> Type cmd-. to abort, cmd-\ for a list of available restarts.
> Type :? for other options.


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okay i see, thanx!

after AMBITUS-SWALLOW (for splitting voices), i have to REPLACE  the value by ACC in one voice and delete the VALUE/the REST in the other voices...


but - after short coding - it seems, that it's not so easy - looks like the grammar get some error and after that you have some phase-delays in the seperat omn-stream (between the voices)...



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that's the reason beacuse ein wanted to do replace BEFORE ambitus-swallow.


when i have such problems i'm mostly starting to change the DATA-structure. then i'm generating (so called) EVENTS - every event has the same structure - when no data then its slot is 'nil -> this was also necessary/or the best way for my HOQUETUS-code... in that case you can avoid such "data-phase-delays"


but i don't know if this is the best solution ?


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